Do your emails provide a call to action?

Jill Rosoff
Jill Rosoff, Orange Poppies on Purple Sea. 6 x 12 inches. ©The Artist

You don't get what you don't ask for and Jill Rosoff wasn't shy about asking her email subscribers for help.
As I outlined in yesterday's post, artist Jill Rosoff sent an email that was both beautiful and compelling. Read that post here.
At the bottom of the message was this gem.
Jill Rosoff Art
Jill went a step further than most artists do in their messages. She provided a call to action. She asked the people who most appreciate her art (those on her mailing list) to share it with others who might be interested.
Then, she thanked them. Three times according to my count.
Do you have a thank-you and a call to action in your emails?

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7 thoughts on “Do your emails provide a call to action?”

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  3. Great article, as always! I find that when I transition from my sales person life to artist life some things that should not be forgotten are, this is a great example. In sales, you always ask for the sale, maybe not upfront, but definitely by the end, otherwise you are wasting your time and theirs. Good to remember, Thank you..

  4. I dont but I am going to now, the first eblast i sent out was a holiday card, and the second one will be of my website going live.. so i will try to think of something to add to that. thanks for this. I love what Jill said it was very sweet.

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