How to Compel People to Click Through from Your Email to Your Website

It's rarely that an email announcing a new or updated website captures my attention. They usually say something like:

I just updated my website. I hope you'll take a look and let me know what you think.

Yawn. Unless you're my best friend or a client, I am not going to waste my time scrolling through your entire site. I have no idea what's there or why it would be valuable to me. And . . . are you quite sure that you want to know what I think?
I was pleasantly surprised when I got Jill Rosoff‘s email announcing her updated site. The message is pretty on the eyes. Notice that there is a little color, but the big splash is the artwork. It's not upstaged by funky text or a brightly colored background.
Jill Rosoff
Jill compelled me, with her choice of words, to click through to her site to see more.
Jill didn't just say “please take a look at my new site.” She told me what I'd see there and, more to the point, what she wants me to see. About the Tapestri Collection:

This Collection features my intensely patterned work, where I use multiple washes, layers of color, texture and patterning to produce a richer visuals, a tapestry of the transparent watercolor paints.

About the Still Life Collection:

The Still Life Collection primarily concentrates on everyday objects, plants, fruits and vegetables, things I find that I get a hankering to paint, placed in an environment, even one as a simple as tomatillos sitting on a delicately striped tablecloth.

Jill painted such a clear picture with her words that I had to go see the tomatillos on the “delicately striped tablecloth” for myself!

Jill Rosoff
Jill Rosoff, Tomatillos on Stripes. 5 x 8 inches. ©The Artist

Jill did something else that more artists should do in their newsletters. I'll share that with you in tomorrow's post.

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18 thoughts on “How to Compel People to Click Through from Your Email to Your Website”

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  2. The email of an updated website it is a sign that it must have been languishing for some time. Any good website belonging to an artist should have regular updates and be subject to a programme of continual improvement. Meltemi’s Zen principle that it will be perfection on the day he hits ‘publish’ with his final breath.

  3. Her email is short, nice balance between words and visuals. I’ll give that a try on my newsletter for sure. I’ve always wondered about the “call to action” element and how best to get people over to the website.

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  5. Very nice, and very useful info, thank you for sharing 🙂 – I’ll link it to my blog, too, so other artists can benefit!

  6. Very interesting way of sharing. I do feel it is boring sometimes to just say: I’ve updated my blog and was looking for another way to let the word out. Will give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing 😀

  7. Just about to send out emails to request people to sign up for my new e-newsletter, these tips help so much, thank you 🙂

  8. Alyson, Thank you once again for your comments and feedback. I appreciate it so much!
    On Etsy: Paintings: RosoffArtworks
    On Etsy: Silk Scarves: BloomingSilks

  9. deborah younglao

    What a great idea! I’m hoping to revamp my site in the spring – will use this way of making an announcement. I like the specifics. You’re right – just saying “visit my website” is much too vague.

  10. Thanks for this, I always know what to say before I write, but when it comes to actually sitting and writing the email, I am at a loss for words (same with a Facebook post).
    I love all of your tips Alyson!

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