New < Deep Thought Thursday

Do you have “New Works” on your website or blog?
How long is New new?
Until newer stuff comes out of the studio?
Can we agree on a date in the future when “New” is no longer new?

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11 thoughts on “New < Deep Thought Thursday”

  1. I don’t have a “new works” section on my blog or site but they are powered by wordpress so they are laid out in a column w/ newest on top. New is old a year later, definitively. I tend to think the new wears off quicker than that but a year is outright!

  2. I always show ‘new artwork’ on my blog. I tend to agree with Zachary that even though the newness wears off quicker a year is a good benchmark especially as an artist and their work usually grows so much during that period of time.

  3. Good question. I think we each define that for our customers. I personally don’t really distinguish new works from old. To me if the customer hasn’t seen it before, then it’s new LOL. However, I have it ordered so that new works are always first, they will appear before older pieces as you scroll through my portfolio.
    Nevertheless if I had to pic a date, I would perhaps say after 1 YEAR.
    But some artist can produce up to 20 pieces a month, in which case I’d be more inclined to say 6 months. Seems relative.

  4. It might be just semantics, but I like the idea of “Recent Works” better, just because it’s vaguer. Has less of a sense of right now, so you could mess around with what you want to feature. But I actually have “Available Works” on my website, instead of grouping by time. And I feature my most recently finished work on the main page. Just a little different.

  5. Instead of having a New Works page on my site, my new pieces are shown on my blog as I create them. Sometimes I wonder if this is a bad idea, because if people have seen the new stuff, why go to the shows?? (My work is very regional and my customers are mostly local.) Any thoughts about this (beside the obvious response of create more compelling works!)?

  6. I post my new work in my blog entries as well. I don’t have a specific “new” section but I’ve started working in series and try to reference my current series in my “About me” section.
    I then post them into a portfolio section.
    It’s something I keep rethinking and evolving.
    I also wonder how much work I should show?

  7. Julia has a great idea with “recent works.”
    Jana: I had the same question, and then the response to seeing the art in person was so positive, most would rather see art in person as well as on a website.
    For me, new stops at a year. Anything dated before June, 2010 is “old.” LOL I put new as-it-progresses or finished art on my blog. My website gets the art in order, like Jane & Cathy, from newest at top to oldest on bottom.
    Like Cathy, I wonder how much art on a webpage is too much. I followed an Alyson blogpost and placed portfolios by theme (landscapes, encaustics, small works) on my website…but would it better to place by year?

    1. Thank you, Angeline-Marie! Work definitely has more impact in person than on-screen. Guess I’ll just keep giving peeks at the work and maybe teasing a bit about the finished pieces at the upcoming shows. (the old Cliff-hanger routine!) For the customers’ sakes, placing things by theme makes more sense than placing by year. If they like pieces, the year created is probably irrelevant. After all, they don’t toss out purchased artwork after owning for a year! 😎

    2. Jana,
      You’re welcome. =) LOL at that art is not tossed after a year. LOL LOL
      BTW: At my last exhibit, I printed the blog posts about most of the paintings and placed them next to each. Those who attended the exhibit were very positive about the posts, saying they were enjoying the artist’s perspective on each piece. Soooo, guess I need to get busy on next weekend’s exhibit. Yikes!!!

  8. I am constantly showcasing new works on my blog, but I do not specifically have may art broken down by categories as I use a lot of poetry and writing also. So I am still trying to figure how it all fits together the best.
    I don’t consider art completed in previous years as “old” but a record of progress and hopefully not a lack of progress. But that said, most of my works do seem somewhat dated after a year or two as my art does seem to continually evolve into new directions.
    That is part of the beauty of creating, exploring new ideas, changing your direction and chasing your dreams!

  9. Ditto many responses here…
    On my blog/Facebook, new works appear as created (sort of).
    On website (which I consider as more of a static on-line gallery,) I do have a “New Works” page. These images are replaced when I update the website every other month or so.
    @Julia = I like “Recent Works” better too!

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