The Art Biz ep. 100: Qualities and Tools That Lead to Achievements Worth Celebrating

When I started thinking about the 100th episode of The Art Biz podcast, I had very little enthusiasm around marking the milestone. The podcast exists to talk about artists' challenges and the strategies they use to improve their results.

Celebrating 100 episodes didn't seem aligned with that mission.

Oil painting aspens triptych artist Mai Wyn | on Art Biz Success blog
©Mai Wyn Schantz, Among the Aspens installed. Oil on stainless steel, 78 x 42 inches each.

Fortunately, my good friend Cynthia Morris helped me find the lesson in this occasion that would help you. Cynthia is a rock star coach and podcast host herself who was the guest on the first two episodes of the podcast.  In this episode, she says:

And I think that what I've seen in the people that I've worked with is when we don't acknowledge the milestones—when we don't pause to savor and appreciate and see what we did that brought us here—we really lose out on a lot of the benefits that we've accrued in the course of making our way to that milestone. It's almost like running past the finish line and not high-fiving the people.

I agreed:

I do know how important it is to see that you're making progress. And every milestone shows you that you are making progress. I know how hard it is to look at to-do lists (without the DONE list) and see what you haven't done.

More than just a self-congratulatory episode, together we discuss the value of acknowledging your progress, however imperfect it may be. We share what it takes to do the work, create the content, and develop the tenacity that results in milestones worth celebrating.

It's not unlike the tenacity it takes you to make your art and run a business. Listen to see if you agree.


  • Why should you take time to celebrate milestones? (0:27)

    Acrylic and oil painting artist Ruth Moore portrait woman | on Art Biz Success blog
    ©Ruth D. Moore, Liberation Conversation. Mixed Media (acrylic, oil, paper, and silver leaf) on board, 35 x 27 cm.
  • Alyson reflects on the progress she has achieved at this marker, podcast episode 100. (2:16)
  • Fumbling your way toward success means just doing it! (6:04)
  • What helps Alyson maintain consistency in her content? (9:06)
  • The value of taking full responsibility for your commitments. (12:55)
  • Overcoming the challenges that might be holding you back. (16:32)
  • The systems that make podcasting a seamless part of Alyson’s life. (19:46)
  • Celebrating progress starts with reflecting on where you might be otherwise. (24:55)
  • The tools that Alyson uses to organize and produce this podcast. (27:23)
  • Celebrating milestones, developing key qualities and recognizing your progress. (32:41)


Digital photography artist Matt Lancaster grasses | on Art Biz Success blog
©Matt Lancaster, Rainbow of Grasses. Digital photography.


Fiberglass sculpture hands of blessing | on Art Biz Success blog
©Daniel Borup, Blessings. Fiberglass, 22 x 10 inches.
  • “When we don't acknowledge the milestones, when we don't pause to savor and appreciate and see what we did that brought us there, we really lose out on a lot of the benefits that we've accrued in the course of making our way to that milestone.” — Cynthia Morris
  • “Every milestone shows you that you are making progress.” — Alyson Stanfield
  • “We've seen so many people sit on the sidelines of things because they haven't figured out the right way or the perfect way. And then they never do anything.” — Cynthia Morris
  • “Your plan is going to be imperfect and you just may have to change it.” — Alyson Stanfield
  • “When you promise something to people you’re promising something to yourself.” — Alyson Stanfield
  • “You can’t make more money if you’re doing all the things that you’re not good at.” — Alyson Stanfield
  • “The more artists that I talk with, the more artists I'm able to help and the better advice or consulting or coaching I can give.” — Alyson Stanfield
  • “You’re not really living unless you’re learning.” — Cynthia Morris


About My Guest Host

Cynthia Morris helps writers, artists and entrepreneurs make their big dreams a powerful reality. Cynthia Morris | on Art Biz Success blogCynthia is a certified coach, teacher, author, and artist. In 1999, she founded Original Impulse, a boutique coaching company that empowers creative people to focus, follow through and finish projects that matter.

The author of The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing a World-Changing Book, Cynthia has published seven e-books on writing and creative travel as well as the Paris historical novel, Chasing Sylvia Beach. She is a watercolor artist and visual journal keeper who uses art as a way to express joy and consistently access inspiration.

Follow Cynthia on Instagram.


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2 thoughts on “The Art Biz ep. 100: Qualities and Tools That Lead to Achievements Worth Celebrating”

  1. I really enjoyed this conversation (3x and counting!) and took away several nuggets of wisdom from both of you. I particularly appreciated Alyson’s lesson of taking responsibility for oneself, and Cynthia’s keen observations about optimizing our actions toward where we’re really gifted. As Alyson said, “Amen to that!”

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