Collaboration, Museums, and Income Generators

Ever consider collaborating with another artist? Or maybe an architect, nonprofit agency, or even someone off the street? Artist Sunni Mercer  has done this throughout her career. Sunni and I are going to talk a lot about her collaborations in the INSIGHTS interview coming up Thursday, November 6. Why do it? What are the rewards? What are the pitfalls?

Think your art isn't the stuff galleries are looking for? Why not bypass the galleries and go straight to museums? Sunni Mercer has done this and will tell you how and why. Of course, she's also been represented by a prestigious New York gallery–straight out of grad school.

Oh, and while you're work is in museums, you're going to need some kind of income. Sunni Mercer has generated a self-supporting income for a long time. It's not been soley by selling her art, but by using her many talents as a consultant for creative projects. She'll explain in this INSIGHTS interview.

As with all of the INSIGHTS interviews, I'll also ask Sunni to share her top 2-3 pieces of advice for artists to make a living. Please join us. Register for the call or to get the recording later.

Image: Museum visitors look at Sunni Mercer's collaborative installation at the Wichita Art Museum.

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