Deep Thought Thursday: Help in the Promotions Department

Who is the best promoter of your art other than yourself?

Why? What do they do for you?


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6 thoughts on “Deep Thought Thursday: Help in the Promotions Department”

  1. My husband. He is always out there talking up my artwork, giving out my website and I can always count on him to heavily promote my upcoming events. He’s the best, I’m very blessed to have him!

  2. My mum … Mum owns a wine agency … Wine & art really go well together … I was able to get my hands on the last two cases of Bisol Prosecco for a grand opening of a gallery last summer … The art was sort of ok (I only had three pieces & I used a little too much cold wax with the oils…oops), but the bubbly was fantastic…Also, I borrow mum’s mailing list when stuck for guests…

  3. Marge, my wife, is really good at helping me keep things going with people. Blogging is time consuming but she is good to help keep me active and a viable part of communicating with others. When we do art shows we are in them together. Working this next year on a gallery will be a new goal. In this whole promotional process I’m finding time to paint and put miles and miles on my brushes.

  4. When I first started my custom ceramic tile business I was taken on by a woman who owned a wonderful gallery and tile shop. For 25 years she was mentor, friend, promoter and more. She introduced me to the other shop owners I work with, took me to the national tile show, advertised my work in full page ads in design magazines, etc. Without her I may still have had a business but not the business I have today. Thanks to Elaine, this very cool lady! All young artists should have such wonderful mentors!

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