How To Set Up a Custom Welcome Page for Your Facebook Page

Guest blogger: Nithya SwaminathanWelcome Tab on Facebook
If you have a business page on Facebook, follow these instructions to create a custom welcome page.
The image at right is what you will see when you visit Fine Art by Nithya Swaminathan and aren't already a fan of my page. If you are a fan, then you will see the “Wall” by default and you can click on “Welcome” to your left to see this same welcome page.

Why custom?

  • When someone visits your facebook page for the first time, this page will give them and introduction to your work.
  • You can feature your best work on the welcome page, instead of a visitor having to go through all your albums to find them.
  • You can list all of your important links, like your blog, website, and online store.
  • You can include a call to action, as I have, requesting visitors to like the page.
  • You can inform them about your newsletter or other events and opportunities.

To design a personalized welcome landing page in 30 minutes, follow these steps.

Step 1: Select an App

  • There are many apps like Pagemodo, Custom Welcome Tab, Static FBML that can be used to create a custom welcome page. Try searching “custom” to see many more.
  • My page uses “Pagemodo,” because it provided an impressive array of options, including page templates.
  • After you have made your selection, authorize the app with your credentials and proceed.

Step 2: Choose Your Page Template

Select a template that offers video, images, or whatever other types of content you wish to display on the landing page. I wanted to showcase as many images of my work as possible, so I went for a template that let me add 7 images.

Step 3: Add Content to Your Page

The app provides a rich text editor to add text, images, links and format them. Just scroll down and add each page element.
Facebook Welcome Tab - 1
After adding each image, there is an image editor that lets you crop and edit.
A hyperlink can be added to every image and text box. Other elements like text color, background color, and font style can also be customized.
Play around with the app to arrive and something that you really like.
Facebook Welcome Tab - 2

Step 4: Complete Your Welcome Page and Install It

  • You could select a free or a paid option. I think the free version is good enough.
  • When you scroll down and click “Install,” the link for your custom page is added to your menu.

Facebook Welcome Tab - 3

  • Now in your fan page, select Edit Page and go to “Manage Permissions.”
  • In the “Default Landing Tab” dropdown box, select the page you just designed.
  • Save your changes.

Facebook Welcome Tab - 4
Voilà! You are done! A first-time visitor to your page will see a personalized page with all the information that you would like someone to know about your work.
Go ahead and personalize your page! Play around with more apps, more styles and design it the way you like it.

About the Author
Nithya Swaminathan Nithya Swaminathan is an Indian artist living in Germany. She paints bold and vibrant scenes from everyday life using a palette knife. Her work is in private collections in the US, Europe and Asia.
Nithya invites you to see her welcome page and become a fan on Facebook.

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30 thoughts on “How To Set Up a Custom Welcome Page for Your Facebook Page”

    1. Susan, after someone “likes” your page, they can go to the “Welcome” page anytime…otherwise according to Nithya’s article, when someone first views, you have set (according to your options) for the Welcome page to come up first. A nice option.

  1. I just set it up in about 15 minutes without even fully reading the tutorial, and that included making the 3 custom icons. I just rejigged my blog header for the main picture. Thanks so much for this, it looks so much better than the plain Facebook page.
    @Susan You can set it up to be the default landing tab for all visitors or just for people who are new. There’s quite a few options even on the free option.

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  3. Thank you so much folks, I am glad you found it useful.
    @Susan Elcox, You could calculate the number of visitors indirectly by seeing the number of new likes to your page. When a person has not yet liked your page, they will see your welcome page by default.
    Otherwise, facebook itself provides comprehensive stats for business pages which you could see in the Admin view.
    Thank you for your comments and feedback. Thank you Alyson for putting this up.

  4. Thank you so much for this! It was so much help in the process of setting up a welcome page and has already made a change in conversion rate for me!

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  6. Hi
    I followed your instructions, and everything was fine intially. Now my info page is showing, not the welcome page for my business. I went into the dault landing tab and it still says welcome page, either though info page comes up. Any help would be appreciated
    Violet C Pergel

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  9. hey thank you so much for the tip! i have the page created yet with the new facebook page setup when i click manage permission i do not see any option on allowing me to choose which page I want to be the default landing page for those who do not “like” us yet. Do you know what we need to do so that whoever does not lie us will go straight to the pagemodo ad like yours does? thanks in advance!

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Russ: This is an old post. With Timeline, you can no longer have a default landing page.

    2. Well, actually you can have a landing page but that will not be the default for common users. The advertisers can still create a landing page. If you want to know how to do, ping me any time.

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