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I just found one last copy of Bruce Baker‘s wonderful CD Dynamic Sales & Customer Service Techniques. I thought I sold out of them a long time ago, but lo and behold. This is what happens when you clean a closet!

A description:

This CD is designed to help you take an active role in the sales
process and to close more sales. People who listen and are willing to
change the way they sell report sales increases from 20 to 100 percent.
Listen to it in your studio or in your car before a sales event so you
can make the most out of the opportunity. Many people use this CD as a
training tool for people helping them at shows. There is no better way
to get hour helpers up to speed. This CD is guaranteed to help you
close more sales. 

Includes these tracks: Learn consumer speak; Why do people go to craft shows, Be assertive, not aggressive; The three things that go into making a sale; What do customers want? Absolute no no's; Taking things personally; Dealing with people who want to bargain; Body language.

I think this CD is excellent for artists who are directly selling to customers–especially those with their own festival and show booths.

This CD is $15.95 + $2 S&H. To the first person to email me with this subject line (let's see if you're paying attention): SALES CD. UPDATE: I've sold my last copy, but you can get the same CD at the same price directly from Bruce Baker. Be sure to tell him I sent you.

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3 thoughts on “Dynamic art sales”

  1. I cannot recommend this cd highly enough! If anyone out there also reads Luann Udell’s blog, you know Bruce Baker is often cited there, too. I do listen to my BB CD before every show, and feel that it is a great help to get me in the best state of mind to sell my work enthusiastically… Absolutely helpful advice. In fact, it was through a link on Bruce Baker’s site that I ever found you, Alyson… Kudos to you both for all the help!

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