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Isabelle Garbani sent me this news release. Anything with a deal in it for my readers, I'm happy to share.

Let's face it: having a website has become an important tool in marketing your artwork. Many artists have resisted going online, mainly because of technical and financial issues. The company www.websiteforartists.com, run by Isabelle Garbani, makes it easy and affordable for artists to get a website.

Websiteforartists.com offers a full line of pre-designed templates that can be customized to fit your work (background colors, font colors, etc.) The designs are simple, elegant, and easy to navigate. The end result is a site that showcases your work in an attractive way. The basic templates start at $50 for 6 images, and additional images have a nominal charge of $5 each.

The process is painless: you choose a design, and send in your images and text. That's it. Isabelle is an artist herself so she takes great care that her clients spend their time where it matters: in the studio, not struggling to maintain their website. The hosting package comes with the management of the website and every month, artists can update 2 images for free.

Best of all, websiteforartists.com is currently running a promotion: mention this blog and get 2 free images for a basic template until January 31. Contact Isabelle for more information.

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4 thoughts on “Easy and affordable websites for artists”

  1. I’d like to add a little comment re websites: if you’re and artist and you want to put up a lot of photos, learn to do the blogs. They are simple (I’m a techie luddite – if it isn’t simple I can’t figure it out, not intuititve for me). Typepad has “pages” now that set up just like a website. You can get one type for free (then pay for your URL, which, by the way, be sure YOU own if you decide to do a website). My own adventures with websters leads me to believe you’re better off with something you can handle yourself.

  2. Dynamod – Web Portals http://www.dynamod.com If you need a website, and you are not ready to hire a web designer, this is your answer. I have used Dynamod and really enjoyed the simple and easy way of having a website, not to mention it is inexpensive. If you would like to try Dynamod for your website use this number 170F329 and receive a month free. If you need help just let me know.

  3. Donna Allgaier-Lamberti

    I use aftossawebhosting.com and LOVE it. This is a web host that is set up for artists and is simple enought for even a 57-year-old techinically challenged visual artist (hand papermaker) can set up and maintain. Aftosa offers a variety of “templates” to choose from and costs $14.95 per month. That’s it. I have my paper collages and cast bowl forms professionally photographed and save in a 72 dpi jpeg and I download myself. I have had other websitesin the past generally paying up to $2,000 pr year. Aftosa works for me!

  4. I have a question I’d like to throw out there for everyone. I find myslef in the position of going out on my own, and need to purchase a laptop computer. I’ve done some limited graphic designing on the pc with basic Publisher and Photoshop. However I’m also a fine artist and write poetry. I have only $1500 to spend on a laptop and software and don’t know what is the wisest purchase, for now and the future. You know, something that will upgrade with the least continuous investing as my funds are extremely limited. Some are pushing me toward a Mac and others say a pc will do. What do all you artists say? I need serious help asap and haven’t seen this subject addressed here before. I know I’m somewhat deviating from the website issue, but would greatly appreciate some experienced direction. Thanks!!!

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