I’m giving away books!

Pretty soon, there will be 3,000 copies of I'd Rather Be in the Studio! The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion in my home. I've already sold 1/10th of those! So, I'm hoping the supply dwindles quickly–enough so that I have to reorder by June 1. That's my goal.

In the meantime, I'll be giving away some books from time to time on this blog.

My first giveaway is going to the person who leaves the 3000th comment on this blog. Of course, you don't know how many I currently have, but let's just say it shouldn't take long.

Isn't it nice how the 3000 books match up with the 3000 comments?

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Recognition of our accomplishments
is fuel for future goals.


24 thoughts on “I’m giving away books!”

  1. Whether I win the contest or not, I know I need to read that book, so I’ll definitely be getting a copy as soon as I can — Congratulations!

  2. What a great promotion! If I don’t win my copy, I will buy one for sure. All that wisdom distilled into a book is well worth it.

  3. I would like to read your book, and of course I’d love to win it! I enjoy reading your blog, it’s very informative. Congratulations on your book, and by the way this is a great marketing idea! (smile)

  4. I’d also love a copy! I’ve been reading about your progress and it sounds like a must have for every artist’s library.

  5. Alyson, Thanks so much for the useful information available to me for free. There are times when your words render great inspiration and encouragement during difficulties. Wishing you continued success. Rosetta DeBerardinis

  6. Hi Alyson, I have always found your work, information and advice to be invaluable! So, I am looking forward to reading this book – love the title, too! Cheers! Keena

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