Editing Tips for Artists (Part 1: Pre-editing)

From this week’s Art Marketing Action newsletter, I encourage you to edit carefully what you put out for public consumption. Not necessarily your blog. Blogs are more free-flowing, organically grown beasts. But edit your statement, brochures, biographies, and websites so that you have fewer words with bigger impact.

Tips on Editing (Part 1: Pre-editing)

Start well in advance. As with your art, you need time to craft something stellar from words. Professional writers rarely get it right the first time, but pore over words through numerous drafts. Why should you be any different. (Yes, I know you’re not a professional writer and I don’t expect that from artists. But you still can’t think your first stab at something is going to be your best effort.)

Talk to people. Talking about your art and about what others are interested in will help you know what to say. (Listening is a valuable skill here as well!)

Get away from it. Of course, you have to do #1 before you have the time to get away from it for a while. Creating distance between you and your words will help you see them with fresh eyes.

Have someone else read it (that isn’t your mother). Get someone who has a critical eye to help you get down to the bones.

Read Part 2.


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2 thoughts on “Editing Tips for Artists (Part 1: Pre-editing)”

  1. I second your recommendation of “Your Attention, Please” It’s a very informative and fun read. Am now reading “Anatomy of Buzz” by Emanuel Rosen which is a great read, too….with lots of very cool information. You might want to check it out if you haven’t already…

  2. Victoria on Okinawa

    “Edit” Newsletter your best yet, it’s a keeper. Helped me lots!!! Appreciate your advice always!!! CnJ*vjc

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