December 27, 2011 | Alyson Stanfield

Elite 21 Art Biz Blog Posts from 2011

According to my unscientific method of discerning the best of the Art Biz Blog from the past year, these posts rose to the top of the crop of 219 posts to date.

Most Commented On

6 Limits for Donating Artwork
12 Tips for Pricing Your Art
You Promise Exposure, We Want to See Results
Attracting Good Karma
Artists' Day Jobs – What's Yours?
Is There a Downside to Teaching Your Art?
Social Media Is Only a Tool

Most Critical For Your Art Biz

What Artists are Getting Paid for Teaching
When To Invest In Your Art Business
7 Ways to Establish That Your Art Has Value
Quick Blog Fixes
How to Organize Photos of Your Art on Facebook
Your Marketing Strategy
Is It Okay to Add People to Your Email List?
Enlist Help Promoting Your Art
Take a Sales Tax Class
Rework Your Artist Statement with 3 Answers
Photo Ideas to Shake Up Your Online Presence
Checklist for Your Invitations

Feel Good

Just Because . . .
Feel Better About the M Word
Did you have a favorite Art Biz Blog post from 2011?

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