November 17, 2010 | Alyson Stanfield

Art Marketing Action Podcast: FREE Stuff

Tune in to this week's Art Marketing Action podcast–an audio version of the newsletter/post of the same title–which reminds artists that even with the conclusion of the Art Marketing Action Podcasts there is a lot of free value-packed content available for you to access through
Read the newsletter here.

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Just 1 more episode remains of the Art Marketing Action podcast. The last episode will run on November 24.

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  • WildC

    Just to say thanks for all the free resources, Alyson – I keep thinking I’ve got them all and then I disover something I’ve missed. I’ll miss listening to your podcasts but I can understand why you want to stop doing them. I look forward to hearing you from time on interviews you do, as its nice to hear your voice :)

    • Alyson Stanfield

      WildC: Glad that I can still surprise and delight. ;)
      I’m hearing from a lot of people who will miss the podcast — people I never heard from before. It makes me sad, but I know there will be more audio in the future and that it will be better. Thanks for listening!

  • Alyson,
    I can’t access the free gift for the abundant artist community–they don’t recognize my email??
    Also, want to thank you for having this newsletter. Some ideas are known and not followed through, some are wow I never thought of that, some invite thought, some I’m not ready for yet, and it’s all good. I look forward to taking one of you workshops when I feel I can commit. Thanks.

    • Alyson Stanfield

      Mia: You shouldn’t need to use that login. But you do have to register using the PayPal link at the bottom of the page. Visit the home page and contact TAA if you have further difficulties.
      Thanks for being here! I hope to see you in my classes and workshops.

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