It Won't Cost You a Dime (FREE Stuff!)

Are you taking advantage of these gifts?

Helen Hiebert, Hydrogen Bond. Installation: handmade paper and thread.
Helen Hiebert, Hydrogen Bond. Installation: handmade paper and thread.

As I announced, the last episode of the Art Marketing Action podcast is next week. This has been a complimentary audio program that I provided listeners with for more than 3.5 years.
It got me thinking that now might be a good opportunity to remind you that there is a lot of other free stuff still available to you.

Art Marketing Salons at Art Biz Connection

Ready to get serious about marketing your art? At Art Biz Connection, you can receive guidance for starting your own salon of artists that meet on a regular basis. I provide a free marketing plan workbook and even a script if you need help running the meetings.
I created Art Biz Connection in 2004 to encourage artists to get together and support each other with their marketing efforts. To date, almost 300 salons have formed all over the world and in cyberspace.

Art Marketing Action Newsletter + Monthly Gift

The Art Marketing Action newsletter has been going out every week since March 25, 2002.
Since September I've added a special monthly gift to show my appreciation to subscribers. But you have to subscribe to get it.
If you ever miss an issue of the newsletter you can find it in the archives on this blog.

Free Audio Programs

I've offered a number of free audio programs in the past, which featured value-packed content relevant to your art career and business. You can still listen to a number of them. Check these out:
Avoid Art Career Overwhelm with Eric Maisel
How to Document Your Art with Harriete Estel Berman
Brag Better About Your Art
All Art Marketing Action podcasts are available at iTunes and through the archives.

The Art Biz Blog

Over 6 years, I have written 1850 articles for the blog. I admit that some are better than others, but they're all free. Can't complain about that!
If you're not reading and commenting on the Art Biz Blog, you’re missing out on a vibrant community of artists. There are many thoughtful comments, which often lead to future posts. Much of what I write is inspired by the artists who participate on the blog.
Have you seen these posts?
Tips for Stronger Show Submissions
5 Reasons to Title Your Art
The Art Biz Blog gives you a forum to speak your mind and interact. With each Art Marketing Action newsletter that comes to your inbox, there is a corresponding post on the blog.
Any questions about this issue?

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3 thoughts on “It Won't Cost You a Dime (FREE Stuff!)”

  1. The freebies since your September newsletter start are great.
    If an artist is reading my comment: FOR WHAT are you waiting??!!!
    Buy Alyson’s book, too!!!
    So far with all those freebies:
    – TWO slideshare posts, plus to my blog 😉
    – Signed up with Abundant Artist Cory…and FINALLY have a business plan that makes sense…
    – and my list of your freebie influence as an artist in business seems infinite.
    Someone pays attention! Me!!!!
    Great to talk for a few seconds the other day, too!
    2011 is going to be awesome…in SO MANY ways!!! =)

    1. Angeline: Thanks for the plug for my book! I’m so glad that you feel things are moving in the right direction for you. I very much appreciate your participation here and on my Facebook page.

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