Generating buzz in the New Year

A couple of interesting stories featuring our own Denver artists might be of interest to you.

Raglandletter Self-described "Non-Starving Artist" Bob Ragland talks about making a living as an artist in this National Public Radio short segment. Bob is great! He advocates paying off your mortgage, living debt free, and wants to help other artists do the same. He even wrote me a delightful fan letter, enclosed in this one-of-a-kind envelope.Ragland_Bob_env1

Bob's passionate advocacy for non-starving artists obviously caught the attention of a major national news network!

Also, Gary Michael’s self-portraits were featured in the Sunday edition of the Denver Post. Michael has been painting an annual self-portrait for 35 years. I just wish the article was accompanied by an exhibition of the 35 works so we can see the progression.

A self-portrait in itself isn't that newsworthy, but one a year for 35 years is quite something. What could you do in 2009 to generate such buzz?

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4 thoughts on “Generating buzz in the New Year”

  1. I can certainly support Bob’s perspective. I worked hard to achieve my debt-free status and it’s been that way for some years now. Economic issues take on a totally different perspective when you don’t have to think about servicing debt any more. I also decided a while back that I was no longer interested in new cars and that every car I bought was going to go on for as long as it goes. That’s partly me being sensible budget wise and partly me being ‘green’ and partly because my current one suits me so well I shall cry when I have to give it up finally! It’s a real revelation to sit down and decide what you really need (I NEED books!) and what you can do without – and for some people it can make a huge difference to your outgoings – and your peace of mind.

  2. This is an inspiring post! I, too, like to decorate my envelopes, if for no reason than to give the postal people a zip of color. I plan to generate buzz in 2009 by celebrating 10 years in business. I remember years ago hoping I’d make it to this milestone anniversary. And I did! I plan to yuck it up in many creative ways. Stay tuned! p.s. and hooray for debt-free!

  3. Glad you are back safely, Alyson. Congrats Cynthia on your 10 years anniversary. I enjoyed this post and learning a little about both Bob Ragland and Gary Michael. Regarding Gary’s yearly self portraits, I like that idea and wish I had been that clever years ago. No better time than the present. Best wishes to all for year of growth and opportunity. As Bob so aptly said, “Tough times never last, tough people do.”

  4. Bob Ragland cracks me up! He has emailed me periodically over the years. His words are always so uplifting and inspirational. He seems like one happy artist! I think his exuberance for life is evident in the picture of the envelope he sent you. He is my kind of creative guy!!

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