Happy Father’s Day

Last month I wrote a tribute to all mothers, so it’s time to do the same thing for fathers. So many of my clients and subscribers are either stay-at-home dads or share much of the burden of child-rearing. Like mothers, you juggle family and career.

From my father, I inherited a wicked, smart-alec (not always appreciated) sense of humor, the ability to reason and to see gray, and the impulse to first try to fix it myself before calling in the experts. Dad is an animal lover and rescuer who gave me a deep compassion for all living things. I also inherited from him what little patience I have because it sure didn’t come from Mom. Because of Dad, I can make my attempts at meditation, practice my yoga, read, study, and sit at the write. It’s probably due to Dad that I made it through years of darkened-room art history classes and less-than-exciting professors. Mom would have been nodding off.

To all of you artist-dads, here’s to you!

(PS, I’m now a recovering do-it-yourselfer. Thankfully I married a man who believes in calling in the experts whenever it will save time and money in the long run. Time=money in our house.)

Image: That's my father, Neil Stanfield. He's almost 70 and just starting a "farm" on 100 beautiful acres in Oklahoma. After spending most of his life managing corporate real estate in Oklahoma City, Dad is now Farmer Dad on the weekends.

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1 thought on “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Diana Moses Botkin

    I enjoyed reading about your dad. I believe Dads influence our lives so much. I used to work for my own dad back when I was doing commercial art in OKC. I learned a lot from him, including much about people. You can see my own Father’s Day tribute on my blog!

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