Hottest Art Biz Blog Posts of 2013

I have published 145 posts on this blog in 2013 – so far.
FireAs is custom, Deep Thoughts received most of the comments, but there were also some surprises – including the most commented-on post of the year.

The Hot Winners

Exploring lower-priced work to increase your income. Affordable Art as an Option
What do you do after being rejected? Rejection Rituals
Some connections can be detrimental to your art, your emotional well-being, and your growth.  Beware of Poisonous Relationships
There are a lot of “organizations” around that are disorganized and, therefore, dysfunctional. 10 Reasons to Burn Your Art Group Membership Card
You teach people how to treat you and your art. 16 Ways to Demonstrate Your Art Has Value
New to the gallery scene? What Artists Should Expect from Galleries at Openings
Not surprisingly, What Galleries Should Expect from Artists at Openings had much less engagement. 
The upside of working with galleries. Why Artists Should Embrace Galleries
Whittling down your portfolio into a cohesive exhibition can be daunting. The First Step to Curating Your Art
How do deal with failure? Or is there such a thing? The Role of Failure in Your Art Practice
When 1 domain name isn't enough. Why You Might Need Additional Domain Names for Your Art
I have witnessed too many artists deal with illness – temporary, chronic, and fatal. Artists and Illness

THE Most Commented-On Post of 2013

I am tired of watching artists and arts organizations live on leftover scraps. Are You Too Frugal?
What did you share in 2013 that was most engaging? Leave a link to it in a comment below.


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3 thoughts on “Hottest Art Biz Blog Posts of 2013”

  1. Hi Alyson…the best Post? Does your Website’s Opening Page Need an Opening Paragraph? It featured my art!
    It has to be my favourite!

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