How are you celebrating National Arts & Humanities Month?

In addition to this month being officially declared Rocktober in Colorado (after the Rockies captured the National League pennant last night), October is National Arts & Humanities Month, which has been coordinated by Americans for the Arts since 1993. Their Web site states: “Held every October, National Arts and Humanities Month (NAHM) is a
coast-to-coast collective celebration of culture in America.
Coordinated by Americans for the Arts, it is the largest annual
celebration of the arts and humanities in the nation. From arts center
open houses to mayoral proclamations to storefront banners and
newspaper articles, thousands of communities across the United States
are recognizing the cultural gems all around them.”

NAHM is the perfect time to think about your life as an artist within the greater community of artists. Consider that you might have a role in ensuring that your local and state arts councils remain funded, that the doors of local arts institutions remain open, and that the arts continue to (or begin to) be taught as a core curriculum in our schools.

Here are some ways you might participate in National Arts & Humanities Month.

  • Teach a child to paint, sculpt, draw, and see the world through an artist’s eyes.
  • Volunteer for the art teacher at the local school.
  • Take an afternoon and visit your local museum. Become inspired. Become a member. Become involved.
  • Join your local museum, arts agency, or artist organization.
  • Become more knowledgeable about issues that are important to you. How much does your state or city spend on the arts? Where do your elected officials stand on arts funding? Where do the arts stand in your public schools?
  • Take a moment to write letters of thanks and support to those people who are doing a lot to promote the arts in your community.

How will you celebrate?

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