How are you doing on your journal?

Last week I issued a challenge to keep up your journal for 21 days. (This after the Art Marketing Action newsletter with the same topic.)

I’m happy to say I’m on Day 11 and am fairly proud that I wake up with the thought of getting some journaling in as soon as possible. Then, whenever I feel like I need to work something out intellectually or emotionally, I take another journaling break during the day. I’m extremely happy with this process and my new dedication, but I still have ten days to go.

How are you doing?

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3 thoughts on “How are you doing on your journal?”

  1. This journaling thing is pretty cool. So far, it has helped me gather my thoughts on paper, resulting in my rewriting my bio/artists statement for my website. Before my bio. was kind of “Blah”—dry, cold fact, with no sense of the person behind the art (me). Putting thoughts & feelings down in a journal helped me, in the rewriting, give the reader insight into who I am, what my intetions are, etc.

  2. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Yea, Hap. Good for you for keeping it up. Not too many took me up on my challenge. I’m hoping there are others out there who getting their toes wet, but not yet willing to commit.

  3. I’m TRYING to remember to update my art blogs=I have 2 of them, One on Live Journal and one on I started with Live journal because it is so vast…And I found myself spending more time reading other blogs then creating! So I opened a blogspot because its more intimate, and I can just write. I’ve been keeping a more personal/business paper journal on my desk-its very chaotic, because i’m just jotting down things-to do lists, things to research etc….Its here for me to have it in front of me without being on the computer. I’m finding I spend too much time online and infront of my computer. Having a paper book in front of me allows me to think, ruminate and write as compared to being online where I write then read and read and read. Gosh=I hope all that didn’t sound as dis-jointed as I think it did! barbe

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