The Most Dangerous Words in the English Language

Coach Rachelle Disbennett-Lee puts out 365 Days of Coaching. Yep! A new coaching message in your inbox each and every day! How cool is that? I love all of her messages, but thought this one from yesterday was powerful and could apply to many aspects of your art career. I reprint it here with her permission.

Words are powerful. They create our worlds. Words create reality. The most dangerous words in the English language are limiting and shut down opportunity. When these words are uttered, they create a barrier to success and a block to new opportunity. These words should be avoided at all cost.

What are the most dangerous words in the world? "I already know that" and "I have already tried that." These words will stop you in your tracks. The minute you utter them you are doomed. You have just shut down the possibility of learning and the opportunity to try again.

Never ever utter these words under any circumstances. If someone near you says these words, get as far away from that person as possible. These words are so dangerous that, even if you aren't the person who said them, they can have an adverse affect on you. Eliminate these words from your vocabulary and replace them with empowering words that allow for opportunity and possibility.

If you have ever uttered the most dangerous words in the world, forgive yourself and vow never to do it again. These words will only keep you stuck right where you are. Instead, use words that are empowering like, "Let's give it a try" or "I am open to trying." These words create possibility. For that matter, any words that are positive and affirming will help create positive energy to support you in being successful. Avoid negative words and phrases and avoid the people who use them. Don't allow yourself to get into the danger zone; don't ever utter words that will hold you back and limit your possibilities and opportunities.

Coaching Question
Have you used the most dangerous words in the world?

Live the Day
Avoid negative words of any kind. You simply can't afford to use them. When you catch yourself using words that will limit you, say "Cancel! Cancel!" and replace those words with positive, affirming language.

Daily Success Formula
Dangerous Words + You = No place for them in your life

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