It might be art, but does it match the sofa?

For everyone who squirms at the thought of making art to match the sofa, you have to take a look at Tony Carrillo’s F-Minus comic strip from 5/19/06.

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3 thoughts on “It might be art, but does it match the sofa?”

  1. When I first starting selling art, I was making mixed media work with a lot of rust, patina etc. I always had fun telling people that it would perfectly match *any* sofa if they left the sofa outside for three years.

  2. Aren’t successful sales one of the goals of this site? If you are offered a commission and if you want a happy client (aka repeat client), pick up the colors in the walls, furnishings and carpet. Consider the composition of the client’s wall and room in which the painting will hang. Explain to the client that hues and shades you select will harmonize with the home. Explain why one type of composition is more effective on this wall than another composition. Your client will love the attention, will definately feel that the painting was created only for them, and will very likely pay you happily. Paint what you love, of course. But if the painting is commissioned, acknowledge that it must be in harmony with its environment.

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