Resources to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

If there is one thing I’ve learned being a part of Toastmasters, it’s that what you say isn’t nearly as important as how you say it.076790296301_aa_scmzzzzzzz_

If you’ve ready any of my writings, you already know how important I think it is for you to have the right language to define yourself. (Read this week's Art Marketing Action newsletter.) However, I think it’s just as important that you listen to and connect with people. That means not being perfect, but being authentic.

For those of you who are afraid of public speaking (and, indeed, for everyone else as well), I suggest two books:

  1. Be Heard Now by Lee Glickstein. I read it cover to cover and refer to it frequently. I also attended one of his Speaking Circles, which I157851819901_sl110_sctzzzzzzz_ think would be of great value to artists starting to speak in public. These are small groups of people who provide a warm, friendly atmosphere to help eliminate your fear of public speaking.
  2. Working the Room by Nick Morgan. I’ve only just started this, but it looks excellent and came highly recommended.

(All proceeds from my affiliate links go to the Craft Emergency Relief Fund.)

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3 thoughts on “Resources to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking”

  1. Alyson, I’m glad to hear that public speaking is so important for an artist, because this is something I love to do, (and I’m even told that I’m good at it.) But how do I get the opportunities for 30 minutes of audience captivation??? I’m thinking maybe local civic groups? Or what?

  2. Phillippa Lack

    In the capacity of executive assistant to the Chairman and CEO of a major financial enterprise (in a former life) I was invited to give a speech by the American Management Association to some 1200 executive assistants about taking risks in life. My husband knew a speech coach, but he helped a great deal. I was never nervous about speaking in public again, but then, I was preaching to the choir!! Imagine them all sitting in their underwear is a good thought, too.

  3. In response to Ellen’s comments, here’s one idea. In a community I used to live in two artists started a monthly slide share program at a local museum, where two artists a month would give a talk/slide show about their work.

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