The Art Biz ep. 77: Growing Your Audience with Good Karma with Trudy Rice

I don't know anyone who doesn't think it would be great to attract more Instagram followers. More email list subscribers. More sales.

More of anything! Because it makes our efforts feel worthwhile. It seems validating.

Artist Trudy Rice monotype printmaking Art Biz Success podcast
Trudy Rice at her printing press. Photo credit Eugene Canty.

But we're often stopped in our tracks when we begin to realize what we need to do in order to increase our numbers.

We think we have to post more, research hashtags, invest in advertising, create a lead magnet, learn to write better copy, or forget about a restful night's sleep.

Yeah, you probably do have to do some of those things in order to attract more followers and subscribers, but you might also benefit from being open to doing things a little differently to increase those numbers.

In this episode of the Art Biz Podcast I talk with Trudy Rice about how she has grown her Instagram and email list by cross-promoting other brands.

Trudy uses a platform called Ampjar, but the underlying lesson is to find like-minded people and share each other's art, products, and services. Trudy refers to these as “shout outs” and loves this system because of the good karma it creates.

Music by Wildermiss


Artist Trudy Rice Bumble Bee and Waratah solar plate etching monotype for Art Biz Success podcast
©Trudy Rice, Bumble Bee and Waratah. Solar plate etching, monotype, 46 x 28 cm.
  • Trudy Rice details her Australian flora and fauna art, teaching, and other current projects. (2:13)
  • Taking original prints and paintings to a homewares line. (4:28)
  • Quantifying the growth of a successful art business through a variety of income streams. (6:18)
  • The primary systems and marketing channels Trudy uses for her sales. (8:25)
  • Details about the Ampjar mailing system and the karmic aspect to shout outs. (11:37)
  • The algorithms behind the Ampjar shout-out system. (13:57)
  • How to systematically simplify the process of business promotion. (17:39)
  • Promoting other artists while boosting yourself. (21:16)
  • The variety of brands that Trudy promotes through Ampjar. (22:18)
  • How to connect with new and international audiences through shout outs. (23:57)
  • Tracking the success that has come with integrating new systems. (26:08)
  • The importance of collaborating with other artists who have systems that work. (29:23)
  • How to do the work once and benefit from it over and over again. (30:17)
  • Trudy shares her project and collaboration plans for 2021. (33:35)
Trudy Rice on Ampjar
A behind-the-scenes look at Trudy's results from the last 30 days using Ampjar.


Ampjar karmic advertising community

Shopify e-commerce

Loomly social media content management

ConvertKit e-mail marketing

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“What really drew me to this system was the karmic aspect of it.” —Trudy Rice

“I’m a community-minded person and I love supporting local brands.” —Trudy Rice

“Not only were you making connections, but you were getting results.” —Alyson Stanfield

“In that eight months I gained 1500 followers on Instagram, which is a lot more than I normally would.” —Trudy Rice

About My Guest

Artist Trudy Rice in her garden Photo by Jenny Woodward
Trudy in one of her happy places, the garden. Photo credit Jenny Woodward.

Trudy Rice is an Australian painter and printmaker whose inspiration is taken from the coastal landscape in and around Lorne on Victoria’s picturesque Great Ocean Road. She is passionate about her environment—working on paper using the non-toxic print method of solar plate etching. She also incorporates other printmaking techniques including linocut, collograph, monotype & etching.

Trudy has applied her images from nature to a line of popular homewares and wearable art that add delight to anyone’s table or wardrobe.

Follow Trudy on Instagram: @trudy_rice

Music by Wildermiss

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