Twitter & Facebook Book Club Starts July 1

Joan Mitchell: Lady Painter
Care for some “light” (ha!) summer reading?
Join us in reading Patricia Albers' new biography: Joan Mitchell, Lady Painter: A Life starting July 1.
We'll be tweeting using #ladypainter and you can also post about your readings on my Facebook page.
If you plan on taking part, please leave your name and Twitter @Name in a comment below.

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40 thoughts on “Twitter & Facebook Book Club Starts July 1”

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Patricia: Just check in with my FB page from time to time.
      Just to clarify: We’re not reading about Joni Mitchell the singer, but about Joan Mitchell the painter.

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  2. i will be joining you. I knew Joan Mitchell and actually visited her twice
    in Vetheuil…. where she lived. She was a force of nature!!!
    Would love to share more if you are interested!!

  3. Well, I have managed to keep twitter away with a sharp stick. But this book club seems like a safe and easy way to begin to understand this unknown. So I just registered for a twitter account & downloaded the book. Sign me up!

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