Magical art that’s selling

It's a very happy day indeed when I get out and look at art. And today I saw the most wonderful exhibit at the Boulder Public Library Canyon Gallery. It's a terrific gallery that always has first-class exhibitions, but this was one of the best. (Thanks, Laura Tyler, for urging me to see it.)

Picture 4 On view are the magical images of Maggie Taylor, a digital artist who lives in Gainesville, Florida and does the most magical work. Many of the images on view were taken from her illustrations for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Modernbooks, Palo Alto). The works were beautifully framed to be cohesive and expertly installed in the space. I encourage you to look around Ms. Taylor's website to be inspired.

The works on the wall were perfectly sympatico with the ceramic sculpture of Caroline Douglas, who lives in Boulder. Both artists used flora, fauna, and figures in work that was simultaneously surrealist and like stepping into a fairytale.

What a great way to escape the office, get away from the bad news, and indulge in the creative mind of artists. Oh, and one more important thing: I noticed that many of the works by Ms. Douglas had sold–particularly those priced on the lower end. But many nonetheless. Art IS selling!

If you're near Boulder, you have through Sunday to stop in and see the show.

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10 thoughts on “Magical art that’s selling”

  1. I stumbled across your great blog today – fantastic, positive and uplifting! As an exhibiting artist, I don’t care to listen to galleries and other artists complaining about the “economic doom and gloom”. Abundance in the arts is still around us, and now is the time to work smarter! I have a studio in Brisbane, Australia, and am busy and smiling! Keep up the great communications ! TK

  2. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Tracey: Thanks for your nice words. Welcome to our little community! Fiona and Amélie: I actually thought her site is a little overdone. I’m not crazy about Flash. I’m on broadband and it still takes awhile to load. I thought it was too much work to look through the site. Sue: Wow. Never seen it. I may have to check it out. But I’ll have to look up the channel. I seem hopelessly out of touch with Pop TV–except for Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy! Martha and Heather: Come to Colorado!

  3. Maggie Taylor’s site is lovely – but (maybe it’s the technology I’m on) I couldn’t find a way to get out of the slide show to see biographical or contact information or any kind of statement. Beautiful work, though – “magical” describes it most aptly.

  4. Alyson–I loved both artist’s work. I looked at their websites on a computer with high speed (not on mine!)and I actually didn’t mind the flash on Maggie’s site. (Usually it drives me crazy) I am very curious about Maggie’s work & how it was presented. Since it is “digital art”–is the finished piece a print? You commented on how beautifully framed they were—what kind of framing did she use? Thanks for sharing this.

  5. i loved this article! not only is Maggie Taylor’s artwork gorgeous, but Alice in Wonderland is my favorite children’s story, and i have referenced it quite a bit in my own work. I have been acting as if the art world is just the same as it was before the economy took a dip, and my works are still selling. i think it’s very important to keep your mind and creativity in it’s most productive state – positive! thanks, de

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