Secrets to buying art now

Edward Winkleman has a great post on his blog: How to Buy Art in a Recession: Part I. He gives you a look at behind-the-scenes gallery dealings such as discounting, payment plans, and down payments (or pre-orders). I am looking forward to Part II.

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1 thought on “Secrets to buying art now”

  1. I’m one of those aformentioned up and coming artists’ whos prices have been what some may consider laughably low. The last couple years my fellow artists and galleries alike have urged bigger prices. Last week I had one of my biggest yearly shows and went into a bit weary and keeping my expectations low. But low and behold I sold 14 new paintings the first day and 19 total. I’m scared to question too much what could have been the reasons for having one of my best shows to date in such a gloomy economic downturn, but I think it is part that I want my paintings to have real value, and I want the prices dictated more by the buying public and their demand then what I think or worse yet hope I’m worth. The people seemed to respond to sensible pricing on good art, and what I hope they saw as a good value and investment opportunity. I have noticed all 4 of my galleries increasing their promotional side, offering on going collector discounts, such as anyone who buys two of my paintings gets discounts on all future work they get of mine from the gallery. I also see this as a grand time for my wife and me to be stepping up our collecting. All the best, Michael Orwick

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