More 7 minute ideas that make a difference

Continuing the theme of tasks you can accomplish in a short period of time, here's my list for artists.

  • Recycle, donate, or throw away 15 things.
  • Delete files on your computer you no longer need.
  • Post a blog entry.
  • Respond to comments on your blog.
  • Send a birthday card to someone who isn't expecting it. It doesn't even have to be their birthday!
  • Write out your goals.
  • Set your plan of action for tomorrow.
  • Clean your inbox. Be ruthless. See how Lisa Call organizes her email.
  • Update your email signature.
  • Write a fan letter to your favorite artist or art world persona.
  • Comment on someone else's blog.
  • Follow up with someone who has purchased your art or has expressed interest.
  • Clean a paper file.
  • Flip through an old sketchbook or idea file.

If there are any of these you're putting off, set your timer for 7 minutes and just do it.

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6 thoughts on “More 7 minute ideas that make a difference”

  1. I love these suggestions. Years ago I read a suggestion to set a kitchen timer for housecleaning–to do 15 minutes in one room and then stop. If you have an hour do 4 rooms or just do the 15 minutes a day of concentrated work. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in 15 minutes! 7 minutes is even better. So often we let little things pile up until they seem like really big things. I think I’ll go clean out some of my inbox now….

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