The Art Biz ep. 154: The Key to Success on Social Media with Cathy Nichols

You already know that your art won't resonate with everyone, but have you truly embraced the almost unpalatable concept that there are a ton of people out there who simply aren’t interested in the work you make? (Stick with me here.)

Or maybe they’re like me. I’m interested in a lot of art, but let’s face it: I can’t possibly buy every piece of art I fall in love with.

Mixed media work by Cathy Nichols
©2023, Cathy Nichols, Let's Dance. Original mixed media on canvas, 24 x 24 inches. Photo by Cathy Nichols.

It's understandable to feel disheartened when people pass by your booth without stepping in, or when your show doesn't draw the crowds you hoped for. And let's not forget the frustration of not seeing the returns you desire from your social media investments.

Or how about this complaint I often hear: All of my followers are artists! I want buyers and collectors as followers. How do I get more of them?

What if you stopped trying to fight the gifts that are given to you because you think you want something else?

Imagine how liberating it would be to fully embrace what already exists. To dive deep into understanding those who genuinely adore your work and focus on keeping them delighted.

In this episode of The Art Biz, I introduce you to Cathy Nichols. A few years ago, she dug into the statistics of her Instagram followers, and the insights were eye-opening.

Within just three years, Cathy's follower count skyrocketed from 5,000 to an astonishing 107,000 as of the airing of this episode. (That's an increase of 1,000 since we recorded this interview not too long ago.)

It all began when she investigated her followers in order to truly comprehend the reasons behind their loyalty.

What I absolutely love about Cathy is that she embraced these revelations and committed to understanding their implications. She continues building her art business with joy and authenticity.


Bonus for Listeners

Tired of trying to figure out the strategies for growing your art business all by yourself?

Cathy's insights will give you ideas, but without the support and accountability, you might be tempted to ignore what you've learned.

Consider joining an ambitious group of artists that I personally lead:  the Art Biz Accelerator. When you are one of the first 5 new people to sign up and mention you heard about it on episode 154 of The Art Biz, you will receive a bonus, private consultation with me.

See for all details.


Cathy Nichols zipper pouches
Zipper pouches featuring Cathy's designs.

Cathy Nichols Quotes

“There was a turning point when I decided that I should delve into who the people were that actually were enjoying and buying and looking at my art.”

“I'm going to go with what is bringing me joy, which is painting. Florals and botanicals.”

“I didn't realize that this amazing source of information was just sitting right there.”

“I don't worry about people stealing. I worry about people seeing, I want them to see my work. So I tried to just take it with a neutral mindset, which is, this is information that people following me are artists.”

“You have to decide who you are, too, and what you feel comfortable with.”

“There are so many different ways to see and learn more about your people, but I think when you make a point of interacting with them in person, you can really learn a lot.”

About My Guest

Cathy Nichols is a mixed media artist specializing in lush florals set within lyrical layers of text, pattern and color that combine to create dreamlike landscapes for the viewer to explore.

Her goal is to promote a vision of kindness, love and interconnectivity in her work using paper, paint, archetype and, always, a bit of magic.

Follow her on Instagram @cathynicholsart

Cathy Nichols

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