Offer “Virtual Viewings” of Your Art, Part I

A couple of weeks ago in the Art Marketing Action newsletter, I encouraged you to offer options to art buyers.

Well . . . think about this.

I was just skimming the briefing from on Youniversal Branding. They mention an earlier newsletter in which they define Master of the Youniverse as:

At the core of all consumer trends is the new consumer, who creates his or her own playground, own comfort zone, own universe. It's the 'empowered' and ‘better informed' and ‘switched on' consumer combined into something profound, something we've dubbed MASTER OF THE YOUNIVERSE. At the core is control: psychologists don't agree on much, except for the belief that human beings want to be in charge of their own destiny. Or at least have the illusion of being in charge.

And because they can now get this control in entirely new ways, aided by an online, low cost, creativity-hugging revolution that's still in its infancy, young and old (but particularly young) consumers now weave webs of unrivaled connectivity and relish instant knowledge gratification. They exercise total control over creative collections, including their own creative assets, assume different identities in cyberspace at a whim, wallow in DIY / Customization / Personalization / Co-Creation to make companies deliver whatever and whenever, on their own terms.

It would behoove you to read this again.

Many of the virtual youniverses described in the links are, of course, geared at a younger generation, but guess what? They’re going to grow up and have disposable income to buy . . . what? To buy art!

In the meantime, tune in tomorrow for a new idea that will put you at the forefront of offering options to art collectors.

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