Offer “Virtual Viewings” of Your Art, Part II

So, we’re talking about offering options to your buyers and collectors.

What if . . .
What if . . .

What if they could see your art in their homes before they bought it? Easy enough for smaller two-dimensional works that you can schlep over there and preview in situ. More difficult for large paintings, heavy sculpture, and buyers that might live across the continent or even a large body of water.

In these cases, why not offer them a virtual viewing of your art? Provide a high-quality digital image that they can cut and paste into a digital image of the space in question. Of course, if they’re not tech-savvy, you might have to do it for them. And if you’re not tech-savvy, you might be out of luck or have to pay someone else to do it.

Form Fonts appears to be a site to help architects bring their concepts to life on the computer screen. It includes everything from people to furniture (including IKEA) to materials. Guess what? No art! I think they need some art on this site!

Check it out and think about how you might be able to offer a similar service.

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2 thoughts on “Offer “Virtual Viewings” of Your Art, Part II”

  1. Hi Alyson, your letters are always timely. A group of artists that I talk with were just having a similiar discussion. And the majority agree that you have to be able to present your art in such a way online that helps the potential buyer imagine it in their home. And I think this applies to their lifestyle also. Their home may not look like the stylish backgrounds used but as important as the art it is, you’re also selling the presentation and allure of the home decorating. Needless to say this is top on my list of to do’s! Artists have to be accessible, not everyone is comfortable with buying art unseen in person and whatever we can do to make our work more accessible, the more comfortable the buyer will be and the more sales. Trust is key, All the best to you!! Rebecca

  2. Wow! I am the least tech-savvy guy around, and I recently imagined the idea of a virtual preview to my openings. Obviously, many of us will be doing this soon. Please provide updates on this idea of “positioning” an artwork on someone’s wall, I’m intrigued by that. In that vein, look at the virtual Van Gogh museum out of Holland some time. Cheers, Casey Klahn

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