23+ People to Be Grateful For

1. The janitor who cleans your gallery or apartment lobby.

2. The housekeeper who does good work, so that you can focus on your good work.

3. The gardener and lawn mower who tend to the outside of your space.

©Kadira Jennings, Mythic Journey III. Oil on canvas, 91.5 x 91.5 centimeters. Used with permission.
©Kadira Jennings, Mythic Journey III. Oil on canvas, 91.5 x 91.5 centimeters. Used with permission.

4. The tech person who was so patient with you when you thought the world was falling apart.

5. The person at the shipping company who “gets” that your art needs white-glove treatment.

6. The mail carrier who delivers important correspondence and packages.

7. The coffee shop owner who lets you mooch wifi for two hours in exchange for a $5 cuppa joe.

8. The employees who make sure your art supplies are exactly as you like them.

9. The printer who saved you from spending too much money.

10. The framer who gave you a discount when you ordered in bulk.

11. The gallerist who loves your art, sells it, and pays you promptly.

©Janice Mathews-Gordon, House of Cards. Acrylic and mixed media on panel, 24 x 36 x 2 inches.
©Janice Mathews-Gordon, House of Cards. Acrylic and mixed media on panel, 24 x 36 x 2 inches.

12. The newspaper columnist who wrote about your art.

13. The photographer who took perfect photos of your art.

14. The coach who held you accountable for your goals.

15. The mentor who inspired you.

16. The muse that gave you the $100,000 idea.

17. The naysayer who challenged you by doubting your commitment to the life of an artist.Yes, you can be especially grateful for this person. But be equally grateful for your fortitude.

18. The artist-friend who completely gets you and in whom you can entrust your tippy-top secrets.

19. The grade-school teacher who encouraged you to color outside of the lines.

20. The long-passed artist from whom you draw creative strength.

©2007 Christine Connelly, The Conga. Oil, 100 x 100 centimeters. Used with permission.
©2007 Christine Connelly, The Conga. Oil, 100 x 100 centimeters. Used with permission.

21. The social media followers who share your art.

22. The neighbor who moved his schedule around to attend your opening.

23. The day-job boss who encouraged his team to attend your open studio.

+ Too Many To Count

Every friend or family member who ever helped you hang a show, lick an envelope, or spread the word about your art.

Every blogger or podcaster who shared FREE information that helped you take a step forward in your art career.

THANK YOU! I am grateful that you are here.

Your Turn

Who are you grateful for today?

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34 thoughts on “23+ People to Be Grateful For”

  1. My coach, Alyson, my roomie at Breakthrough, my accountability partner last year.

    The VNS nurse and my mother’s pcp for supporting my choice of home hospice for my mother, as well as the CNAs over the last several years who have been really good so that I can spend some quality time in the studio and working on my art business. My sister-in-law who comes through when I call her.

    The curator and gallery owner where some of my work is offered for sale.

    Tip of the iceberg!

  2. Thanks to you also Alyson. You emit positivity wherever you are….in person, in emails, blogs, podcasts and video. I love following you through all these avenues.

  3. Hah, sneaky! This list showed me how I should stop doing so many of these things all by myself & start outsourcing them so that I have more time for making my art!

  4. My mom,my boyfriend,our adorable feline creatures, my commissions this year,some new friends I made this year,my art of course,could’t be without that,you Alyson and all the other helpful people who’ve helped us through more positive feeling,my mechanic who got my car working again and again..our neighbors in our little apartment complex who help each other out oh and my books….

  5. For my husband who supports me in my art, who encourages me to go to the studio and “get the art out”! My family and nieces and nephews. My in laws who attend every open studio. My new studio space. Sales of three paintings this year. Learning how to hang a show and display my work professionally. A big box of gently used pastels from my aunt Sandi! Abundance. God’s grace. Hope. Joy. Money for art supplies. Focused time and effort. New friends. A new church. A bed to sleep in. A neighborhood that is safe. Enough food to eat. Opportunities to grow. Amazing possibilities.

  6. Grateful for Alyson for helping me stay positive and move forward with my art career. Also for my artist friends and for the friends who may not “get” my work, but come to my shows and support me anyway! And my family (two-legged and four legged) who are there for me, no matter what.

  7. I am not even sure where to begin as I am grateful for so much. At the top of the list is my husband that not only supports me but loves everything I create. This is closely followed by my “twin” that keeps me accountable and allows me to participate in shows and venues that would be ever so much more harder to do without her and the support of her family. My 6 year old grandson who thinks his granny makes beautiful pottery and loves to come in the studio to “play with clay”. Every day I think about how grateful I live beautiful location with a studio that is just steps from my front door. And my customers – those that are silent and those that tell me how much they love my work! My walking partners that get me up early every morning (well 6 out of 7 mornings) and keep me entertained while walking. My three cats for their companionship. And I am especially grateful that I decided to take an in person class with Alyson in 2009 and for all of her help in growing from a serious hobby to a business as well as all of the many connections I have made through her coaching and classes.

  8. My husband, who has travelled to New York, Paris, and Florence Italy with me to help me get to the art shows I’ve been in, which meant carrying my luggage, and going through airports with me in a wheelchair, because I hurt both of my knees, and although I can walk increasing distances, cannot stand for long, or wait in lines. He is an infallible and mostly cheery supporter. Thank you Steven for making this past year’s wonderful experiences possible. And for all of my friends here and around the world, and for my loving family, and for you Alyson. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. So many things to be thankful for. I am thankful for every single day of life (10-yr cancer survivor), my beautiful surroundings here in Colorado, my supportive husband, relatives, and neighbors, and the time to paint every day. Lovin’ life!

  10. A great article thanks Alyson. Very handy for my gratitude diary and some ideas I have not thought of before.
    Also a big thank you for featuring my artwork on your post. I have learnt so much from you this year. Thank you , thank you.

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