Picasso’s Guernica in 3-D

I think Picasso himself would have approved of this 3-D version of his masterpiece, Guernica–especially since Cubism was all about space and form.

I'm including a link to the original by artist Lena Gieseke, which has a better quality than the YouTube version. Oh, my, this is wonderful.

Okay, all you 3-D animators. You, too can make your art go viral!


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5 thoughts on “Picasso’s Guernica in 3-D”

  1. Very nice 3D animation by Lena Gieseke. I’m seeing evidence of a coming explosion in 3D viewing technology, from the new Phillips 3D TV Displays, to the development of 3D movies by the major studios to be shown in the thousands of new 3D movie theaters across the country and world. Imagine viewing work like Gieseke’s on a flat panel display in your home. I find that notion interesting. In my own artmaking practice, I have been working with 3D lenticular printmaking for several years now, and find that viewers enjoy being able to dance with the work, as they hide and reveal different elements in the picture frame by moving back and forth in front of the work. In a recent blog post on my site Sharing Secrets, I asked the question: is lenticular (3D/Motion) art gaining momentum in the US? I’m interested in this trend. http://lynbishop.com/blog/2008/06/12/is-lenticular-art-gaining-momentum-in-the-us/ It’s an exciting time for 3D imagery. Thanks for sharing this Alyson.

  2. I think 3D technologies have a lot of possibilities to offer artists, check out Ray Ceasar’s work, but don’t forget about good old fashioned claymation…. I wanted to post a link to the Creature Comforts claymation video, but HTML isn’t allowed in these postings (which I totally understand!). So go to YOUTUBE and type in “Creature Comforts What is Art?” for a great video using old school 3D. A

  3. Alex Petrovsky

    Why is everyone so obsessed with Picasso? Still excited with Cubism-go to Cuba and explore the recent trends that Picasso could only dream of. How about 50,000 years old art? “Aboriginal art is one of the most important schools of contemporary art in the world today, audiences are fascinated by the installations, paintings and sculptures” – Dr Mikhail Piotrovski, Director, Hermitage Museum, Russia http://www.artbank.ch/Gallery/gallery.html

  4. Picasso brought aboriginal art to the forefront …that is why everyone is so obsessed … multi-point perspective on the same plane , which describes motion , lead to cinematography … a totem pole shows history , all in the same item , over time … Picasso was an aboriginal … the two are not mutually opposing …

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