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Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, is hosting a two-day teleseminar with social networking expert Scott Allen next Wednesday and Thursday. It's all about LinkedIn and how to use it for your business. (You can get the MP3 files if you can't make the time.)

Check out the details for How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Anything–Ethically and Powerfully.

Oh, one more thing. Joan can let only 100 people in. I just reserved my spot.

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2 thoughts on “Want to know more about LinkedIn”

  1. I hope you’ll come back with a few tidbits for us, though of course you can’t give away the whole seminar. 🙂 LinkedIn confuses me, mainly because as a self-employed sole trader I can’t find people to link to except old friends. I don’t have an employer (a relevent one anyway) to use as a basis, and I’ve never found anyone searching by sector – no UK art organisations, galleries, or artists yet. So it seems very corporate to me so far.

  2. Gave you an award over at my blog – it occurs to me that these “awards” – if everyone follows the rules – bring in lots of links in a fun way to the originator. Makes me think I need to design one myself!

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