How To Plan Your Blog Posts

Artist Ruth de Vos gave me permission to share this with you to help you plan your blog posts:

I made up a little form for my blog post planning. It includes the post title, notes for the post content, a list of my categories, a list of link ups I try to participate in, space for jotting down external and internal links that relate to the post, as well as a call to action.
While I never had too much trouble with the post title and content before, I fell short on adding links to my posts, as well as including a call to action. I have found that this form makes it much easier for me to plan out a better blog post.

Ruth de Vos

Ruth says she got the idea from Bridgett Edwards, who has a free printable post organizer on her blog (no longer available). She further says:

Because I spend a good part of my day away from the computer, I printed a whole stack of forms out, cut them to size, and assembled them into several note pads using padding compound – my very own Blog Post Planning Notepad – perfect for keeping next to my armchair / in the car / next to my bed.

Ruth's P.S.

I couldn't resist sharing this:

P.S. Last year I joined in with two of your online classes and spent a lot of time and energy developing good marketing practices.
This year I'm enjoying focusing on maintaining those practices while producing great art. With your blog posts/newsletters reminding me to stay on track, I'm really excited about where I am with all this.
Although it's still early in the year, I'm even on track as far as income goes so far this year (and I thought my income goal was an over-ambitious stab-in-the-dark). So, thank you again, Alyson!

And Ruth had a baby last fall and has 4 other kids.
If Ruth can do it, so can you!

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5 thoughts on “How To Plan Your Blog Posts”

  1. Jill Kemerer Roberts

    What a great idea! I love this because I’m a list-maker anyway! Thank you for sharing!
    Jill Roberts

  2. Thank you Ruth and Alyson!! I wish more artists would do what Ruth has done. The blog ‘post it note’ is brilliant as when I am in the midst of writing my blog articles, I know I leave stones unturned. This is surely a methodical way to get all of those proverbial stones turned each time I post.
    Thank you!!

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