See what your website looks like on an iPhone

Ever wondered how your site behaves on an iPhone?

Check out the iPhone Simulator. It says it works best in a Safari browser, but I also got it working in Firefox. Note: In Firefox, the scroll bars appear when you mouse over the inset pic of your site. The scroll bars didn't appear for me in Safari, but I was still able to scroll down by clicking at the bottom of the phone image text and dragging the mouse down.

I prefer the horizontal viewing (read the directions).

Thanks to Petra Jones's article “Art and the Internet” in the September issue of Art Calendar.

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6 thoughts on “See what your website looks like on an iPhone”

  1. Cool! Mine looks the same. An interesting observation though… over the years we’ve been able to provide larger size images, most graphics people have increased sizes as screen sizes have increased. So for example it’s rare to design for 800×600 anymore. But this iPhone site shows that of course you can’t see my full painting images! It’ll be interesting to see how or if graphics oriented people change their sites for phone users.

  2. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Tina: I read that some people are designing “mini pages” (my word) on their sites for people with iPhones. I’d really like to see one of these sites.

  3. One important feature of the iPhone that this site leaves out is the fact that you can zoom in and out on web pages instead of just pan around. I do think that serving up an iPhone friendly (or mobile phone friendly) stylesheet is a good idea anyway. The other thing that this site misrepresents is that the iPhone currently doesn’t support Flash (unless you hack it). So if your site has Flash on it, it won’t work on iPhone.

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