Women’s creative spaces

A freelance writer for a national woman's magazine says:

For an article about women's creative spaces, I'm looking for locations (residential rooms, studios, outbuildings) where female artists create–i.e. paint, weave, sew, throw pots, design, garden … The article will feature the woman/artist and her space. Where is it? What does it mean to her? I'm looking for really exceptional inspirational places. I'll be feeding locations to my editor, who will make the final decision. What I need: a brief write up of the woman (name, age, location, what she does (i.e. illustrates books, weaves, sews recycled sweater blankets), and a few JPEGS of her space, which again, should be in her home or on her residential property. Lastly, I need a shot of her, too.

Note that this isn't about just any old studio or functionality of your creative space. It's about the uniqueness of it. If you have a really exceptional inspirational place to create, the writer has asked me to have you post some photos somewhere and your contact info and she'll get in touch with you. All you have to do here is leave the link to the info she requests in a comment with this post. Note: These must be residental spaces.

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26 thoughts on “Women’s creative spaces”

  1. I would like to suggest my art studio/ communication center/ international online classroom/ extra bedroom as a subject for the article “Women’s creative spaces”. It is the place where my creativity flourishes. Here is the link to the article and a slideshow with pictures of me and my studio: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/one-says-colored-2134369-never-went Name: Alyona Nickelsen, Age: 37, Work: the Founder of Online Colored Pencil Painting School and colored pencil artist, Website: http://www.BrushAndPencil.com

  2. I am a stay at home mom (46 yrs old) that went back to school to become an artist and graduated (with my oldest daughter) in 2005. I’m a representational oil painter. My website has a bio and resume page. We recently moved and just finished converting our garage into my studio space (20′ x 25′). It’s where my inspiration, ideas, and industry happen and I love it. I think you just might like it too. I just took pics last week but they haven’t made it to the website yet (just a couple of construction pics there). Email me and I’ll send jpegs of the studio and myself.

  3. I believe I may have such a space as my studio is large and is in my home and overlooks a lake. Alyson, I’m not entirely sure how to paste in photos in this space as I would need to send an email with the photos of the studio and environment attached. I guess I’ll just email YOU! Thanks, Lynne Oakes

  4. Hi, Alyson–You saw some shots of my studio in the Get Organized class. I have them on Picasa–but would have to get back to you on how she could see them–and I too would have an easier time just attaching them to an email to you. One angle she might find interesting is that Fox Studios recently rented all the stuff for the TV show HOUSE to appear on the set as the studio of the artist that was the subject of the episode. I have stories about that! They lost stuff, promised to reimburse me, then didn’t, etc.

  5. Here are some studio shots from my Dayton, OH home. I think it is a unique and creative space, although a bit chaotic, with mannequins, installations and inspirations all around me. 🙂 I am a 34 year old painter using Vivariums to create narratives about obsession and containment to explore the differences between being in-and-out of control. Thanks! Amy Kollar Anderson http://www.kollaranderson.com/photos/studio/me.jpg http://www.kollaranderson.com/photos/studio/plants.jpg http://www.kollaranderson.com/photos/studio/girls.jpg http://www.kollaranderson.com/photos/studio/computer.jpg

  6. Harriete Estel Berman

    My studio space may be “inspiring” for the article and of interest to the readers. I have always had my studio at home so that I could supervise my domestic responsibilities and my children’s activities. (Now my children are 18 and 20.) My web site has a section about my studio with images. http://www.harriete-estel-berman.info/studio/studio.html Artist name: Harriete Estel Berman Age: 55 Studio location was the two car garage attached to the house, San Mateo, CA. Artist’s Media: Recycled tin cans.

  7. My name is Shelley Goddard and my current studio is located in Boulder, CO and is attached to my home-just a step down from my kitchen. With French doors at the opposite end opening onto my patio and garden-going to work makes my life complete. The studio itself is nearly as large as my entire little Boulder, CO home and designed for work. It’s full of light and designed to be easy to change or clean after a particularly messy project. All the tables and shelves are on wheels and the entire space can be rearranged on a moment’s whim; changing into a space to seat a gathering of up to 20 artist friends-or host a dinner party for up to 14. For inspiration, I simply step outside to sit in my garden and breathe in the mountains. How could life be any better? Here is a link to pictures of my studio: http://gallery.me.com/firegoddard#100079&bgcolor=black&view=grid I love sharing it with my friends and students-I hope you will enjoy it as well!

  8. Hi – My name is Violet Skiles, an artist (age 54) living in the Seattle area. I’ve recently posted a “Studio” page on my website and blog. I paint in oil and watercolor, do photography, create mixed media art and paint digitally as well as in traditional media. I specialize in dog paintings, and art featuring women and children. For fun I create jewelry and do scrapbooking, and have areas for all of these work spaces in my studio which was designed (as was the rest of our home) by my husband. I love this space and it is a very inspiring place to work! Here is a link to my Studio page: http://www.violetskiles.com/Studio.html More info about my work can be found on my website: http://www.violetskiles.com A link to my Blog is there as well. Thanks!

  9. Hi Alyson, I’d like to offer my work space and gardens as the subject for the article about Women’s Creative Spaces. I’m Linda Starr, 58, in Springville, CA and I am in the middle of changing my free standing lavender gift shop, Mountain View Cottage, at my residence, into my clay studio. My love of nature and the mountain views inspired me to create the gardens. Now the views and gardens inspire me to make things from clay. I created the lavender gardens, while I was taking care of my father-in-law, as a stress reliever, (he had dementia). Here is a link to Springville Lavender Gardens website with lots of photos of the gardens I designed: http://www.springvillelavendergardens.com Then, a couple of years ago, I took a ceramics class so I could make a few vases for my lavender and I fell in love with ceramics. I love working with clay so much, I’m now repurposing my garden gift shop into my ceramic studio and I’m moving everything around this week. I’ll keep some of my lavender products in the studio/gift shop, but I’ll have mostly clay work space in the studio. Here is a link to my ceramics blog where you can see the inside of my studio/gift shop with the lavender items inside and a photo of me http://bluestarrgallery.blogspot.com/2008/08/suzies-looking-for-new-home-maybe.html Here is a link (third photo down) to the outside of my studio/gift shop and another photo of me: http://springvillelavendergardens.blogspot.com/2008/06/vitex-agnus-castus-or-chaste-tree.html I haven’t finished moving all my clay supplies into the studio yet, but I can take some photos tomorrow and email and send jpegs direct of any of the photos or others if needed. Just let me know. Thanks for the opportunity. Linda

  10. Hello Alyson, I am happy to send you this information about my unique little space in the Cote D’ Azure. I am 56 and from Los Angeles and now live and paint from the old town of Nice in the South of France. I have a small flat/studio where I paint nudes and still life using mostly French handmade pastels, acrylic, and ink. I have furnished my space and surrounded myself with vintage articles gathered from French flea markets , and live amongst candy colored shuttered buildings, the smell of warm baguettes, and noisy seagulls. My website is http://www.denisebassett.com , and the included photos are just a taste of my sunny and wonderful environment. My surroundings lavishly feed me inspiration on a daily basis. I am five minutes from the Mediterranean, and the fruit and flower market. I go to Italy often as it’s 30 min away on the back of my friends Vespa. I pick up my cheeses wines at the large outdoor market in Ventimiglia and soak up further inspiration, followed by a rustic pizza at a wonderfully colorful beach café. I am happy to provide further photos if needed. The link provided will open up on my enviornment photos and then if you would, navigate to ‘home’ for the website. Many thanks and best regards, Denise Bassett

  11. Hi Alyson, I hope my home studio pics will be considered for the “Women’s home studio” article. You may see them on my website blog page. Go to http:/www.ginlammert.com then click on blog link to view images of my inspirational places to be working at home. Thanks, Gin

  12. My name is Amber Borner and I live on Shaw Island, the smallest ferry-serviced island in the San Juan Islands, Washington. My studio is a rustic cabin with a purple door located in the apple orchard of our farm. I am a jewelry artist and create jewelry inspired by nature. You can find photos of my studio at http://gallery.me.com/a.borner#100032 you can also view my website at: http://www.amberbornerdesigns.com My mother, Shelley Goddard, posted links to her studio above. Please enjoy my space, as I do every day!

  13. Alyson, I don’t know if Canadian artists’ studios can be included but I do think mine is very unique. And definitely inspirational. The first floor of my beautiful house (by a lake with a fast running brook beside the property) is studio. I have a beautiful view of the lake from my studio windows. The website for my paintings is http://www.leyaevelyn.com The link to see some photos of the studio and the surrounding landscape: http://leya.smugmug.com/gallery/5884165_jmbnC#365672921_WdjxH

  14. these calls for beautiful studios kind of depress me sometimes. Shouldn’t it be the exceptional art that is made in the crappy space against all odds, rather than the feature of the amazing space? I think of Christian from Project Runway where he worked in a closet and he made his entire collection in the same closet he lived and slept in. Now THAT is amazing to me!

  15. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Claudine: What are you talking about? I’ve seen your space and it’s quite nice as I recall. Maybe you can write the article about crappy spaces!

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