Should you add jurors to your mailing list?

Artist Pam RuBert asks:

A thought just occurred to me, and I'd be interested in your opinion. I've recently been accepted into some high-profile shows. I originally entered these juried shows partly because of the reputation of the show, but  also because of the reputation of the jurors.

Once accepted, is it appropriate to add the juror's name to my mailing list? I'm assuming if he or she selected my work, they might be interested in my future exhibitions. But maybe it would also seem a little presumptuous and could be embarrassing later because they haven't actually requested any more contact, and I've never met them personally. What do you think?

Vintage_purse_1Before I agreed to respond, I asked in what form she would be contacting them. Since Pam said it was mostly through regular mail, I think it’s 100% okay to add jurors to your mailing list. Yes, they could eventually ask you not to contact them any longer, but I doubt that. Anyone in your field should be happy to be kept informed. Or at least accustomed to receiving unrequested mailings from artists.

It doesn’t hurt to keep your name in front of people–especially if you’re not emailing them weekly or sending large attachments. My thoughts are that snail mail is perfectly safe. (This is from someone who gets lots and lots of mail from artists I’ve never had any contact with whatsoever!)

Email, on the other hand, is a completely different subject. I would only send email newsletters and regular updates to those on an opt-in list. That doesn’t mean one-time only emails, but regular pings. It’s the law to have opt-in lists and an easy, clear way for people to opt out.

Image: Pam RuBert, The Vintage Purse. Layered cotton fabrics, stitched with thread, buttons and beads, 36 x 58 inches. (c) The Artist

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3 thoughts on “Should you add jurors to your mailing list?”

  1. Thanks Alyson! That makes me feel better about adding those people to my mailing list. I think you’re right too about the emails. I know I should, but I don’t do email newsletters, etc. Interestingly, in my local area there is a politician running for re-election who sent an email out about a fund-raiser, but somehow goofed and the service sent 5,000 emails exactly the same to everyone on his list. People were furious because it shut down their computers for a day trying to download all those emails. It will be interesting to see if that hurts his campaign in the long run….

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