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Last night Lisa Call and I threw a party for artists who blog, who want to know more about blogging, or who are interested in selling more work online (ahem, you should be blogging!). Yep, that’s all of us in the photo.

The party was part of Stormhoek (South Africa) vineyard’s “100 Geek Dinners in 100 Days.” While I think we fell out of the 100 days parameter, we did get our event in.

Stormhoek graciously sent us some wine we could sample as we sampled our food (WAY too much food!) and talked about blogging and selling art online.

This is Stormhoek’s kick-off party for marketing their wine and, as I understand it, the genius of Gaping Void‘s Hugh McLeod. How can they go wrong? 100 parties all over the world with who knows how many people attending. What a fantastic marketing idea.

Puppycartoon810thumbOh, yes. I almost forgot. Hugh McLeod is known for his "cartoons on the backs of business cards." They've gotten bigger now. He created this fantastic poster and sends ten (edition of 1000, all signed) to each party. Those who stayed longest at our party got a poster because we forgot to give them out earlier.

What can you give away to people all around the world to get them interested in your art? Read Hugh's philosophy about the use of his images, which are, by the way, all over the Internet!.

Bottom image: Hugh McLeod promotional poster for Stormhoek.

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