The Art Biz ep. 147: How to Guarantee that People Remember You with Skip Hill

My utter bliss is to help artists make business systems that streamline their lives so they can spend more time in the studio.

So when Skip Hill said he needed a system for following up with his collectors and important relationships, I knew I wanted to help.

Skip Hill painting Love Garden
©Skip Hill, Love Garden (Hush). Mixed-mediums, acrylics, collage, and inks, 52 x 74 x 2 inches.
In this episode of The Art Biz, I walk Skip through the steps to create a plan for nurturing his relationships.

We go through these steps to create his plan:

  1. What do you want to happen?
  2. By when does it need to happen? Or … How frequently does it need to happen?
  3. What do you need to have/acquire/learn to make that happen? And/Or what tools and technology will you use for the process?
  4. Who do you need to enlist to help?
  5. What are the exact steps needed to make this system hum?

The steps in that last question provides the fuel. Miss a step, and your system crashes. Find Skip's specific steps below.


Skip's Steps for His Relationship System

These are SKIP's steps—specific to his goals. You will need your own set of steps (which I'll walk you through in my upcoming The People Plan workshop).

The steps here have different numbers than those on the recording because I reorganized them to make better sense.

Skip's to do first:

  1. Block off time on your calendar every week. You wanted a whole day for this.
  2. Decide how you will use the various tools (MailChimp, Artwork Archive, Google Sheet).
  3. Input contact info for new people that you've been keeping but doing nothing with.
  4. Update your Google sheet to have proper fields. Add fields for the next date to follow up, last contact, mutual contact, and notes.
  5. Start using a daily task list in your journal. Don't leave anything in your head.

On your “relationship day”:

  1. Open your spreadsheet. Sort it by the date to follow up field.
  2. Open Artwork Archive and your collector list.
  3. Reach out to at least 5 people you need to stay in touch with from those lists. Note that reach out in your Google sheet.
  4. Consider: Who needs to know about me and my art? Add them to your list and/or reach out today.

To use your email list:

  1. Begin storing ideas for what to send to your list. Decide where you will keep those ideas so you can find them.
  2. Send one email every month to your list. Start with a Tuesday or Wednesday (your relationship day), mid-month.
  3. Your first email (in a very long time) will be a re-introduction to warm up the recipients to hearing from you more often.


Skip Hill in the studio with a work in progress.


“I've done the Bohemian thing for years. That’s the area where I really am looking for your help and guidance in developing systems to maximize business potential for my art.”—Skip Hill

“Intention, that's the operative word.”—Skip Hill

“Choose one day in the beginning and then know that when you're starting a system, it's always gonna take more time in the beginning.”—Alyson Stanfield

“You have to distinguish the purpose for each app you use because there isn’t one app that’s going to do everything for you.”—Alyson Stanfield

“Before I find that magical someone I haven’t identified to help me with my business, I have to clarify what the tasks would be.”—Skip Hill

“You dictate who you want to have your art, as opposed for waiting to whoever comes along.”—Skip Hill

About My Guest

artist Skip Hill

Visual artist Skip Hill creates colorful, lyrical art that exudes moods of epicurean delights and layers of sensory experiences.

Some of the most captivating parts of his mixed-media collages are in their peripheral details – expressive patterning, looping graphic lines, kinetic scribbling, Kanji calligraphy and African motifs. Like a shaman, Hill communicates freely between dreams and reality, while managing to artfully coordinate his visions with his hand. Working out of his studio in Oklahoma, Skip Hill's art is influenced by literature, music, art history and his travels through Europe, Southeast Asia and Brazil.

Follow him on Instagram @skiphillart

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3 thoughts on “The Art Biz ep. 147: How to Guarantee that People Remember You with Skip Hill”

  1. This was a wonderful and inspiring podcast. There are so many great ideas in the conversation.
    I’’m glad I already make a list each day, And I love the idea of planning when to connect consciously with people who might support, or want to purchase my work. Thank you Alyson and Skip. This is fantastic.

  2. This was a great podcast. It created much incentive within me. It’s been such a challenge to get out of my self imposed cocoon and to get out there again.
    I have printed out the steps and look forward to implementing them.
    It was great to be able to hear all your questions Alyson and then how you created solid systems.
    And Skips work is so joyful and whimsical I too enjoyed studying it and finding some hidden surprises.
    Thank you so much for this.

  3. Love hearing you in action Alyson and Skip has a very wise voice…I will look up his art. I swear I can hear you light up making this plan…one of your genius zones. Loved the reminder that the first contact is never an ask ..not that I do that…however a good reminder that it could be intimidating to ask for something without a relationship

    Also feel pretty proud of how much your influence has filtered into my behavior over the years…even if Not doing it perfectly…lately I’m making a plat to Not connect with people…hahh however really I love how this talks about choosing those connections…AA probably already reached out that it can email ones inbox if there is interest in art

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