Are you spamming people?

Spam isn't just . . .

Sending bulk email to those who haven't requested it.

Spam is also . . .

Leaving all of your links in a comment on someone else's blog. When you sign in to post a comment on a blog, you leave a URL, which automatically hyperlinks your name to your site. Don't add extra links in your comment unless you are pointing other readers to a related resource.
Promoting your art, your product, or your event on a Facebook profile or page that isn't your own. If you'd like to cross-promote, ask. Don't presume.
Think about another Facebook page as someone's billboard or flyer. Posting your promotion is like writing over their message or tacking your flyer on top of theirs. Not nice. And it might get you banned from a page and reported to the Facebook overlords.
Tagging people who aren't in your Facebook photo. The only reason to do this is to appear on someone else's page. See above.
Using someone's @Name in your tweet when they have nothing to do with what you're tweeting about. The only reason to do this is to appear in their @Mentions stream.
Promoting yourself in an autoresponse to new followers on Twitter. Using an automated response for people who follow you on Twitter was the rage about 3 or 4 years ago. Then we found out how annoying they are. They junk up our Direct Messages columns and are almost always self-promotional. Not good for a social media platform.
Are you spamming people? Stop it.

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9 thoughts on “Are you spamming people?”

  1. Oh how I agree! I immediately unfollow those who auto-DM me, and I often delete comments on my blog and FB pages that come off as too self-promotiony and spammy.
    Thanks for posting this. I hope it leads to a little less spam flowing around the internet art world.

  2. LinkedIn recently asked me if I wanted to send invitations using my mailing list (to join my professional network on LinkedIn)…I clicked ‘yes’, why not? They seem to do this quite nicely, almost Canadian in their politeness…I am thrilled to have got some new responses & connections from people who are important to me…However, I should caution that LinkedIn sends two subsequent reminder invitations after the first, if the first is ignored…I did get one ‘please stop’ email today, & apologized for the repeats, but all in all it was a good way to reach out without being spammy…

  3. I’d like to think that quality content, hard work, and politeness is what gets you attention. Spam in all its forms is lazy and annoying! Thank you for posting this– I hope that those who didn’t consider themselves spammers before might think twice before engaging in the questionable activities you listed above. Cheers!

  4. Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

    Ahh tagging! Makes me mad when someone tags me on “their” art, and it winds up on my FB Wall. It’s rude. I almost always remove my name.

    1. Sheesh, I noticed I put a comma in my website url so of course it does not work.. fixed this one though. A bit self serving.. lol, but this is different than tagging or whatever…. Smile

  5. Oh, I hate that! Someone posted to my FB fan page, “complimenting” my work but along with that, they posted a link to their art page on FB that had pictures.

  6. Darn.. my url had a comma in it and does not work. Just corrected this one. Another thing I don’t care for too much is groups. You get an endless list of emails if you you want to participate. I know I can fix that and do but join very few groups on FB. Then there is messaging, when people list you with everyone on their friends list. You get all of those emails.. gads!

  7. It’s good to remind internet users and social media users what spam is. It is so annoying. Thanks for this reminder.

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