Susie Monday Wants to Know . . .

Another Tuesday, another day on the I'd Rather Be in the Studio! blog tour.

Today, Susie Monday asks: “As an artist who teaches (both in other places and regularly in my own studio with retreat formats) I wonder if I should have a separate blog, website and newsletter for the teaching/coaching side of my business, or do I keep it all together. Which is less confusing?”

It's a terrific question and applies to all artists who have their hands in a couple of cookie jars.

Read Susie's interview with me.

Image (c) Susie Monday, Angel with a Wayward Heart

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1 thought on “Susie Monday Wants to Know . . .”

  1. Michael Lynn Adams

    Juliette Aristides ( ) does a very good job of promoting herself as an artist/educator. On her Web site her art and atelier are nicely presented as unique but joined disciplines that make up Juliette’s whole professional persona. Juliette is known for her remarkable classical drawing and painting skills. She is also well known as an art educator and champion of the atelier system of classical art training. I believe that her popularity as an artist is greatly enhanced because of her teaching rather than in spite of it. Jacob Collins ( ) is also a good example of an artist whose reputation is strengthened by his reputation as a very influential teacher. Embrace your whole artist/educator self, rejoice and tell the world about it.

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