The Art Entrepreneurship Theory

MurakamiTakashi Murakami is a very successful artist who has written The Art Entrepreneurship Theory, which is apparently just what it sounds like. The only problem is that it’s only in Japanese. Thankfully, Katy Itoi has read it and gives highlights in this month’s artnet magazine.

Murakami seems to be a shrewd businessman, freely embracing the commercial aspects of the artworld: "You cannot continue creating art without a sense of business or management."

There’s more. Read other insights in Itoi’s review.

Image: Takashi Murakami’s The Art Entrepreneurship Theory (2005)

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3 thoughts on “The Art Entrepreneurship Theory”

  1. Wow! This is interesting stuff. Thanks for posting. I checked out the excerpts on Artnet. It sounds like Takashi Murakami is a big believer in the power of writing to define and elevate his artwork. Hmm…

  2. um…looks like a Japanese version of Jeff Koons’ work…except that while Koons worships kitsch, Murakami mocks Western culture…maybe with validity & I need a sense of humour, but being mocked nonetheless…I guess the old adage, any publicity is good publicity, applies…thank you for the heads up- his analysis is fascinating & obviously well-timed…

  3. i would really love to read the whole Art Entrepreneurship Theory. could you pls send me the whole text or site where it could be found? Thank you

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