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This post is somewhat off-track, but I love this music so much that I wanted to share. Artist Mel Ristau introduced me to the music of Anouar Brahem and I couldn't be more grateful. I find much Western music hard to listen to as I work because of the rhythms. I need more free-flowing (I know, I'm not a music critic . . . I'm sure that's not the right word) music as I write.

Cover_le_voyage_de_saharBrahem, a native of Tunis, plays the oud–an instrument his website calls "the lute of the Arab world." I may be the last person on earth to "discover" Brahem, but I wanted to share just in case there are more people like me out there.

Image: Cover of Le Voyage de Sahar (2006) by Anouar Brahem.

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4 thoughts on “What I’m Listening To”

  1. Too bad his or ERM’s website didn’t allow us to listen before purchasing. Can’t make a decision on just words.

  2. The BMG website (www.bmgmusic.com)has one of Brahem’s titles. If you don’t belong, they offer several CD’s for free. You could get Brahem’s as a choice. To become a member, you must buy several CD’s a year (I can’t remember how many, maybe 3, and it’s very easy to do.) I recommend taking a look. Also, I have a CD that is mello that I could recommend for quiet enjoyment: “Lifescapes: Pure Relaxation”. Not sure where you can get it. I was given it as a gift.

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