Most Active Posts on the Art Biz Blog in 2012

If I counted correctly, this is my 210th (and final) post of 2012.
I share here the most commented-on posts on the Art Biz Blog from the past year, along with the number of comments. Many of these are my Deep Thought posts, which always attract lots of comments.
Just in case you missed the previously . . .
Is the Artist's Life Selfish? – 57
The Fears That Haunt You – 59
What Did You Learn From Your Art Teachers – 70
Is Your Art A Product? – 52
Beware of “I Am Not” – 46
Follow Your Passion? – 50
Peek Inside a Catalog of Your Art – 47
Why Working In Coffee Shops Works – 50
Why Does One Artist Sell Better Than Another? – 63
What Do You Call Yourself? – 70
What is your opinion of co-op galleries? – 81
Why Most Artist Newsletters Stink (and What to Do About It) – 73
5 Painless Fixes for a More Potent Artist Statement – 46
Philosophizing About Artwork Titles – 65
Why You Need to Write About Art – 94 < The 2nd most commented-on post
5 Face-to-Face Networking Essentials – 51
Bias and Prejudice in the Art World – 51
Celebrating My 10 Year Anniversary – 63
4 Reasons to Cherish Unsubscribes – 84
4 Starter Moves for Your New Facebook Timeline – 50
Is the Pinterest Problem Really a Problem – 117  < THE most commented-on post!
Warning: Exhibiting Your Art Is Good for You – 53
19 Art Documentaries You Shouldn't Miss – 68
15 Steps to Take After Completing Your Artwork – 60
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Celebrate safely and always with a designated driver.

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