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It's been too long since I posted the last Tweekly – helpful tweets you might have missed from me.
Even if you don't use Twitter, there are some fantastic resources here for you this week.
All artists should see the movie “The Woodmans” Excellent! Inspirational.
Is anger killing your art? via @ThisIsSethsBlog
Just heard of artist studios burned down in UK riots. Be prepared! @craftemergency
Feng shui to protect your money power. @lunajaffe
Twitter BirdDid u know you can get the Art Biz Blog delivered to your Kindle?
Loving these short videos fr @art21 Watch the “yellow suit” one and be amazed
Artist Résumé tip: Reverse chronological order with most impt thing on top.
RT @reneephillipsny: Writing your #Artist Statement causing frustration? Watch this Funny video and LOL <Hilarious! Thx!
Cats of Mirikatani is now available on Netflix. Highly recommend it for #artists !
Don't forget to add your town, state/province, perhaps country to all of your marketing messages!
Always enjoy reading artists' goals. These are from @ArtsyLindaMoran
My article “7 Steps to Financial Savvy” is in Sept issue of @ProArtistMag Pick up your copy!
Children's book illustrators and those interested in the topic should check out this new blog
2- or 3-panel biz cards now @modernpostcard
20 art talks from Ted
Importance of artists' attitudes:
Public Art Toolkit pretty nifty!
.@jonathanfields defends the importance of mastery. via @wtek in the Artist Conspiracy

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