Twitter Tweekly for February 24 2013

In case you looked away from your computer (and I sure hope you did!), you might have missed some of these gems.
Just booked my flight to Nashville for Mar 23-24 workshop. You coming?
RT @lisacall For a week I shared a day to day account of how I work a full time job and make art full time:…
A conversation abt art critiques b/t 2 artists
I have a teleseminar on making videos to promote your art coming up on March 12. Details soon.
@abstanfield on TwitterYou work best in 90-min segments. Gotta rest! Great article via @nytimes
When things seem bumpy, review your systems. Do you need to enact new procedures for smooth sailing?
Shy writer uses my book to help w/ her self-promo efforts. Here's how: via @talkingwriting
Artist on my FB pg says someone saved her postcard for 4 years then contacted her and asked her to illustrate a book. Postcards rock!
Adorable artist-client camper/mobile art gallery So proud of Kristina!
10 emails in my inbox start with “February” Not very creative, huh?
Faheem Moosa interviewed me about how I built my business. This is a Skype video, but might be helpful to other…
Artist Betsy Frahm attended my Art Biz Lift Off workshop in Lewes, Delaware about a year ago. She has been… (click to see the self-promo T-shirt she made!)
articles/Move over galleries artists sign with agents via @Zite
How to deal with conflict in your biz <Good advice fr @christinekane
RT @anniesalness How to Increase Your Creative Productivity… via @donaldmiller
Illustration and licensing advice in this article via @Zite
The dangers of conceptual art in Portlandia. Hilarious. via @hyperallergic
26 Questions for Tondo Painter and Whitney Biennial Curator Michelle Grabner via @artinfo
If you know your contemporary art #emojiarthistory is highly entertaining via @hyperallergic
“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh


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