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In case you missed them on Twitter, here are my “best of” tweets from the past week (or so).


Top 75 art blogs
John Math on how artists can make a killer website
2 terrific photos of @PaMdora art in situ
18 Tips for a Great PR Photo via @Fasobuzz  (aff link)
Twitter Bird
Ready for a new website or makeover? @pvelte and I have teamed up for an artist website special
I say look at your Web stats monthly so you don't obsess.
Beware That New Credit-Card Offer. WSJ. Know the difference b/t credit cards & professional cards
Artists: I want to hear from you if you have FB “Like” buttons next to art on your website. URL, please.
If you don't know why you'd need an artist media room, Check out @tina_m ‘s
1st advice I give any artist in OK-as I just did: Join @ovac ! Oklahoma artists are very fortunate to have that resource.
Do you think “Feed an Artist” is an effective promotional line? I'm thinking not.
I discourage giving gifts of your art/prints. Don't expect ppl to frame and hang something they didn't choose.


Via Alyssa_Milano: It's not a freaking option. We have to make the world a better place. We just do.
Shed the suit and make art from your soul. from @originalimpulse
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Recognition of our accomplishments
is fuel for future goals.


1 thought on “@abstanfield Tweekly”

  1. Thx for all these tips, but starting from #1 I couldn’t figure out what you are talking about because my home page on facebook does not have an “Ads and Pages” any where on my home page or any other page. So I’m thankful for your advice but I can’t go anywhere with it. Maybe someone else has had this same problem and has figured out how to I could even get started? Thanks again for all you wonderful helpful advice.

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