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New book: diary of an art dealer–“Art Tales” from The Art Newspaper

Lookout #gertrude peeps! There's a copy of Autobiography of Alice B Toklas on my shelf, too

Twitter Bird

Curate an online show with Flickr Galleries. Blog post from @artpaw

“Art documentaries” is consistently at the top of the search strings that get people to ArtBizBlog. The post: http://bit.ly/Mpy0z

@ovac @JuliaKirt @ArtUntitled Headed to OKC in 2 weeks. Whatchya got going on there that I need to see?

@danielsroka They say marketing should speak to the reader's pain. How about starting with “Do you live in a dump?” 😉

RT @Neotigress @tinybuddha “Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is.” ~H. Jackson Browne

Obama gives glass art to G20 world leaders in Pittsburgh. Yippee! Art! http://bit.ly/2eEcdk

RT @ArtByChrysti: Obama also gave handmade books by a local Pittsburgh artist, and other pieces of jewelery etc all handmade.

@Bbravo interviews me: 4 Steps to Selling Your Art >podcast for @ArtHealsNetwork

When writing a letter requesting funds for a project, don't send a bulk email! You must personalize it to each recipient.

You really do get only 1 chance to make a great 1st impression. Norman Transcript via @KathleenRedwine

Insight: Don't start marketing material with “I love x or y.” Your audience doesn't usually care what you love. Write from their perspective

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