The Most Versatile Postcard You'll Ever Create

This is the most fun, most useful, most versatile postcard I've ever created. And I'm tipping my hand because it's possible you might see one of these in your mailbox.
Still, it's valuable enough that I don't think I can keep it from you any longer.

Postcard Front

Postcard front
If you get one of these in the mail, it might be for any of the following reasons:

  • Because you did something nice for me and I'm sending a thank-you note
  • Because you did something amazing and deserve a way-to-go note
  • Because you're having a birthday
  • Because I just met you and wanted you to know how happy I am that we crossed paths

 Postcard Back

Postcard back
Steal my idea for your own versatile postcard! Just keep the following guidelines in mind.

  1. Use your own words and design.
  2. Make sure your words are “evergreen” – that you'll be able to use them one year or more from now.
  3. See that your words can apply to at least three different occasions like those I mentioned above.
  4. Don't promote anything if you're sending it as a personal greeting or thank-you note. Promotional postcards have a different purpose and shouldn't be mixed up with those that are intended to nurture relationships. Still . . .
  5. Highlight your art on the front of the card. Using your art isn't the same as saying “buy me now!” It's sharing a piece of yourself with the recipient.

Do you have use for something like this?

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40 thoughts on “The Most Versatile Postcard You'll Ever Create”

  1. Wow Wee!!! This is more than brilliant. I’m really connected to this idea. You’re such a wonderful example too of people willing to share their knowledge and ideas with the world. in total gratitude xxx

  2. Great idea! I’d love to see others’ ideas as well. Front and back. Most obvious: Thanks for a purchase or attending a reception or a birthday But I assume it is too promotional to include a website? And I guess Notecards serve the same purpose.

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Karen: That much specificity wouldn’t make it versatile. But it doesn’t hurt to have those for use either!
      I think it’s okay to include a URL, though I chose not to. Everyone I send one to knows my URL.

  3. May I suggest plenty of room for a personal, handwritten note? A postcard with a pre-printed message is too much like spam in an inbox: a bit too easy for the sender to toss off quickly, and too general for the receiver. I get a postcard from my insurance agent every couple of months all pretty and pre-printed and as far as I know I’m one of thousands who get one. So much for the personal touch.
    I much prefer to send personal notes on the back of a card with an image of my work on the front and my name at the bottom, and my website in quiet lettering on the back.

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Patty (and Arthur): I can write about 3-4 sentences on the back of this (you can see the white space). I don’t ever send without a personal note!
      But you’re right, that should be mentioned in my guidelines.

  4. Peggy Stermer-Cox

    Hi Alyson, I think this is a marvelous idea. I was thinking I’d embellish by doing a drawing on each one (I’m working on my drawing skills). I can send one to my mailing list and start adding new contacts! I think it’s a terrific way to build good will. In line with what Patty said, my natural way of thinking was to personalize the idea!
    I do enjoy your ideas and blog.

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Peggy: It sounds like you’d be sending for purposes of self-promotion, which is not the intent I outlined above. That would be a different postcard. Totally fine, just different from how I use these cards.
      I only send one at a time for special purposes.

    2. Peggy Stermer-Cox

      I see your point Alyson 🙂 !
      Your idea sparked multiple ideas in my mind. As I re-read your message, your intention is different since it’s about the receiver.
      Thank you. I’ll have to think some more!

  5. reveille Kennedy

    I t stands to reason that not everyone likes the idea, but I sure do! I would personalize it with my art and it would not go out to everyone.
    Thanks for the idea!

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Reveille: If everyone liked every idea I threw out, I’d probably have some boring ideas. It’s good that we are all different and have varying levels of comfort with how we connect.

  6. Thanks Alyson, I am so “borrowing” (OK, stealing) this idea….I know… that’s why you told us. I’ve always sent thank you notes to my collectors, but this is a great idea to have a standard, ready made printed card, with room to write a personal note, as well.
    Thanks again.

  7. There is nothing to not like about nearly all of Alyson’s ideas. And this one rocks.
    But I must add that having received this “silly” postcard with a very caring personal note, I have to agree: I rock. I didn’t think I did, but Alyson truly made me feel like a great person for that fleeting moment and that is rare in this world today.
    Alyson (and the card) made me feel so good about a very small thing I did on her behalf that not only did I feel closer and more positive about Alyson, I feel compelled to repeat my “act of kindness” towards her and others whenever I get another chance to do so.
    THANKS so much Alyson!

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Mckenna: My pleasure. I’m glad to know that it made you feel good to receive the postcard.

  8. Love it. In a world full of trouble and negativity this card surely makes the recipient’s day (it would make mine) if combined with a handwritten sentiment. I’m all for sending out appreciation to someone who deserves it.

  9. Amanda Christine

    I really like this idea- much more personal than a social media communication after I have met contacts in person… and, fresher than thank-you notes!
    So efficient! Thank you!

  10. Hi Alyson,
    I Love the idea!
    I want to make a card like this to give to each one of my kids at camp…Love it!
    I can just see their faces when they get something like this!
    Would love to have them to also send for different occasions to different people related to my art….
    I also want to make a very BIG one to send to you Alyson….because you totally Rock!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Dora: Your camp kids are very lucky to have you as a teacher. And sending one to them will make their day. Kids probably don’t get a lot of “real” mail anymore.

  11. haha- YOU rock Alyson! this card totally suits you!! And thanks, great blog post for us to ‘push that window’ open even further – when we tweak our ideas!!

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Roxanne: I’m glad to know that it suits me. I think so, too. And anyone who receives it will know I’m sincere. I don’t send it otherwise.

  12. I think it’s a great idea from somebody who DEFINITELY rocks!
    Seriously, sometimes it only takes simple nudges like these to change someone’s world for the day. Perhaps the dissenter might feel differently if THEY received one.

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      I would hope so, Jamie. But I do send the postcards only to people who have been deserving (which is a lot of people!). I don’t send to flatter.

  13. I think it’s a beautiful idea. It would only be “empty-headed” without the reference to the reasons Alyson sends them out and without her personal handwritten note. Actually, it wouldn’t be at all empty but rather amusing. Especially because she isn’t asking for anything. It’s not promoting anything. It is an attempt to make her recipient smile.
    I see nothing “empty” about trying to add cheer to someone’s day. I love this!

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Thanks, Patricia. Yes, I should have added the personal note part to my post. May go back and edit in the future.

  14. What a great idea … and thanks for sharing it with us. I enjoyed reading all the responses also. I will have to give some thought on how to create one of my own. I have just been talking about this personal touch and connection with a friend I visited with all the way across our USA. Can’t wait to discuss it again!
    I look forward to all your e-mail and your newsletters. Many times I share your thoughts and give a link to you so others can learn all the good stuff you put out there! Thank you.

  15. Hi Alyson
    Only a few months late to respond to this post. Par for the course for me. I received one of your postcards like that and loved it. Very positive. Hope you had a great Turkeyday!

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