Wilmington Workshop and Setting Goals

Wow. What a day I had on Saturday! I talked about art marketing from 9:30 to 3:30 (and beyond) with about 70 artists in Wilmington, DE. They came from DE, MD, PA, NJ, VA, NY, and who knows where else. And they wore me out.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a networking exercise that I facilitate at the workshops. Below is a photo from the artists hard at work networking with each other.

What all artists (you) should realize is that they (you) are not alone. All artists (well, most artists anyway) struggle with finding time to make AND promote their art.

Most artists are overwhelmed in my workshops. There’s so much to do! But I recommend these five steps at the end of a day-long workshop (designed for a reality check):Breakout_3_1

  • Set a goal (and deadline).
  • Know your path.
  • Be prepared.
  • Find support through friends, family, and/or other artist.
  • Take baby steps. You’ll eventually get there.

You can’t do everything all at once. You have to know where you’re going and you have to know how to get there–or at least find a way to try. And you should reward yourself along the way.

Thanks again to the fine folks at Brilliant Studio for bringing me out. They really do run a business that at its heart takes care of artists’ interests. Here’s a photo of me at the end of a long day in between Leslie Kelso and Brilliant Studio founder, CEO & President Bob Tursack.

I didn’t get much of a lunch break because I had less than an hour to browse the galleries of the delightful Delaware Art Museum (apologies to workshop participants for not socializing over a meal, but I have to take in art when the opportunities arise). I encourage everyone to visit. Check out the Hopper, numerous paintings from the Wyeth family, terrific Ruscha, and even a Tom Otterness on the grounds.

Just some quick blurbs from emails I received since Saturday. (No names are mentioned because I'm in a hurry to post this and I don't yet have permission.)

Thank you for a very refreshing, informative, and challenging presentation.

Thank you for a very informative, enriching, thought-provoking day. You are a wonderful speaker and you helped kick open the door that was holding me back from taking the next step in my life.

Your presentation and the level of excellence and excitement that was generated was so inspirational.

Thanks so much for the great presentation yesterday.  Very well done and extremely helpful.

Images courtesy of Bob Tursack, Jr., Brilliant Studio.

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